Three ponders of the mind

The husband is very weird.

Some days, he will not move a muscle even though he sees me slogging off doing all kinds of household chores.
Some days, he will do any and everything before I even open my mouth even though it is not necessary – like making me a cup of hot milk before I doze off.

Festival means food.

Festivals can be celebrated without family and friends, but without lip smacking and yummy food? I don’t think so. Not to think that we did not have the two this Diwali. But the taste of that drumstick and brinjal sambar still lingers, more than the sight of my neighbor’s amused face on seeing me screaming hoarse to the kids during the bursting crackers ceremony.

Shopping can be done in less than half an hour.

Zack’s took 15 minutes. And mine 20 minutes. We stepped out to shop exactly the day before Diwali, since a week earlier a relative had passed away and the mourning period lasted till Thursday. He had some fitting issues with his trousers, we were asked to come after 3 hours for the alterations to be ready. After waiting leisurely for a rava dosa in the crowded hotel and savoring till the last bite, we stepped into a saree store for my shopping. The sarees which I got have been literally envied by the ladies in the clan. I asked Zack to ‘nazar utarofy’ my precious sarees, such intense longing for my clothes I have never witnessed. I was in half a mind to give them to one of them, but then I could not – they were so pretty to let go 😛

ETA : DauntlessDaisy, Smita, TGND and Seena, here are the photos of the sarees 🙂



Jodhpur Silk

Jodhpur Silk


42 thoughts on “Three ponders of the mind

  1. First things first – Welcome back Visha 🙂 🙂 Seeing you after almost two months. Cant wait to chat with you now 🙂

    We know this for sure now.. Zack and S are meant to be twins born at different times in different places 😛

    Saree shopping in 20mins.. you really are great 🙂

    How I wish for that drumstick and brinjal sambar now 🙂

    • Me too! I missed being online a lot 🙂

      Haha, I am sure they will have lots to talk about when they meet 😛

      The sarees were really good, the only difficulty was in rejecting from the lot…budget issues 😛

      Make some and have it with rice topped with ghee 😀

  2. Hey Visha..Missed you for quite some time in Blogosphere! God bless your lovely saree that it gets saved from prying eyes!!! Sambar on Diwali day!! 🙂 Lil joys and lil act of love..Touch wood 🙂

    • I missed being here too Paatiamma, I read about your Diwali, awesome 🙂

      Literally pa…I really wanted to suthify the sarees 😛

      Little acts of love..yes…touch wood 🙂

  3. Husbands or rather Men are such strange creatures that understanding them is impossible!!! Seriously!

    Food! Festivals! …don’t remind me….need to go for walk from like now!!!

    Saree pics! Please!

  4. Long time… hope you have been fine! Belated happy Diwali!

    Sounds like you had a fun Diwali. 🙂

    Where did you shop for the sarees? Pray, tell me. We tried looking for one for me, could not find anything great. 😦

    • Yes, long time..yeah…all fine now 🙂

      Same to you, belated happy Diwali TGND 🙂

      I make all my purchases in Jayanagar, so have recos only from there. For silk sarees, go to Angadi Silks, it is right opposite to Nalli, you can try the latter too, but I find the colors and designs more satisfying in Angadi.

      For designer, mixed and printed ones its Kala Niketan for me. Never been disappointed 🙂

        • I so understand you!

          You can try the fancy ones at either Lakshmi Silks or Kala Niketan. There are two branches of the former one, in Jayanagar and Chickpete. Its a favorite haunt in the clan 🙂

  5. nice to see your post after ages!!
    Diwali always means over eating and shiny new clothes!! 😉
    where did you buy the sarees? and most importantly, where did you eat the delicious rava dosa?! 😀

  6. Welcome back Visha 🙂 Rightly said on the first point, holds good in many households ,eh? And I did shopping at 9PM on the day before Diwali and same pinch on the shopping in 30 mins part..Dad and I shopped for my clothes in say 15 mins, the first salwar and the first saree we spotted on got picked !

  7. Same pinch for the weird husband..
    Festival means FOOD.
    I can’t shop for more than half an hour.. If I don’t get anything I like in 15-20 mins, I compromise or just stop and return 🙂
    Saree pics please! 🙂

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