[1] If I go to sleep at 1 AM, what should I tell to myself?
( a ) Good morning.
( b ) Good night.

[2] If a 7:15 bus comes at 7:45, what is more probable?
( a ) The 7:15 bus is late by 30 minutes.
( b ) The 7:15 bus is lost somewhere and the 7:45 one has arrived on time

[3] On the way back to home from work, I am extremely hungry. I plan to pick some biscuits from the convenience store which is just round the corner. I find the store guys have closed and put up a ‘for sale’ sign. What to feel bad about first?
( a ) The very genial and friendly shopkeeper who let me off every single time when I was short of money
( b ) My rumbling stomach

[4] The pressure cooker refused to let of the steam all of a sudden. I could not even hear a single whistle. What could be the reason?
( a ) It was preparing itself for a journey to the kabaadiwallah
( b ) One ghost possessed the cooker and was testing me when will I switch off the gas stove.

[5] One family wedding has to be attended on Thursday and Friday. Tickets are booked and leaves are approved. What should I be more happy about?
( a ) The week ends on Wednesday.
( b ) The wedding food.

[6] Skype calls are made weekly to the elderly relative who has joined her son on his official visit to the Queen’s Land since 2 weeks. Guess what happens more amongst the elder folks during the video calling sessions.
( a ) Each side giggles a lot seeing how the other side looks in the computer screen
( b ) “Whats the time and weather there” is the most frequently asked question.

20 thoughts on “Questionnaire

  1. 1) You should say “Good Night”
    2) The 7:15 bus is lost somewhere and the 7:45 one has arrived on time
    3) Your rumbling stomach (Food is IMPORTANT)
    4) It was preparing itself for a journey to the kabaadiwallah (Buy new one coz (Food is IMPORTANT)
    5) The wedding food. (Food is IMPORTANT)
    6) You cannot select one answer in this 😉 And the questions about weather & time!! Oh God.. even kids on whatsapp ask these questions first.. so annoying sometimes..

    See it was definitely not that hard to answer this questionnaire 😛 😛 😛 😛

  2. 1. a – I say goodnight, even when I go to take afternoon nap 🙂
    2. c – When I was in Banglore, most of the time I have seen 7.15 and 7.45 buses coming together at 7.40/45/50 🙂
    3. First b.
    4. b – My pressure cooker stopped whistling after 5-7 months of using ( 3+ yrs ago). I manually let the steam off at intervals as per my intuition:)
    5. b – and after answering b for no. 3, now you know where my priorities lie 😉
    6. a,b,a,a,b,a,a,a :)… (reminds me to post about my Skype chats with the family..)

  3. Universal dilemnas, it seems.
    1. Seriously? You want to tell yourself? Sleep girl. As if 3 AM thoughts aren’t enough 😛
    2. Let us first get in the bus and thank your lucky stars that we aren’t dealing with the wrong one.
    3. Tough one here. But, hey, pack some biscuits tomorrow. Incase.
    4. I make the cooker whistle. By hook or crook.
    5. Both. Excuses to celebrate 🙂
    6. Ha ha cute 🙂

  4. I have no idea why your feed stopped for me. I am now off to read all the missed posts. I just came to your blog wondering where you have been and pata chala its me who were not getting the updates. !!!

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