Mike testing, mike testing, hello, hello

“I am expecting”
“What are you expecting”
“I am expecting you silly”
“Arrey tell no, what are you expecting”



“A baby”



“Really??? ”


*Visha thinking of not giving out the kala-jamun from the box she is holding and gobbling it up herself*

68 thoughts on “Mike testing, mike testing, hello, hello

  1. he he he he. Arey, I understand that person totally. I did something like this though with someone senior. I knew she was expecting a baby most probably but I can’t “assume” right? So I came across as so dumb that she got a bit frustrated 😛 LOL.

    Okay. Come here, darling you! Hugs 🙂

    • I NEVER see you online 😦

      and you NEVER pick my calls 😦 😦

      * * * *

      This weekend,remember me and bake a nice, good, yummy and fluffy fruit cake all right 😀 😀

  2. Hey Super congrats…and I must admit, I am as dumb as the person who you gave the sweets to 😦 I didnt understand that you were pregs and hence didnt comment thinking I will be putting my foot in my mouth or something in those lines..and then I read the comments, so okay, you ARE expecting..so super congrats 🙂

  3. Hiiii Sweetheart… Big big big congratulations and loads of best wishes from my side…. Wish you a healthy and memorable pregnancy and lots of love and blessings to the little upcoming angel… 🙂 :*

    PS: I know I have been missing from here since so long and would be the last one wishing you.. 😛

      • Nayi dulhan.. Lolz.. Yes that is what I am being treated like… 😉

        2 months gone and am still finding everything so new.. Feels as if my old life is nowhere.. I sooo miss being myself..

        Any tips from a ‘lil older dulhan?? 😉 😀 😛

        • And how are you doing sweetheart??? Hows Moo treating the mommie-to-be.. I guess you would be near your due date or maybe ‘lil Moo would have already entered the world..

        • Even after 2 years you will find somethings new, enjoy discovering 😉

          Just one tip : Do not fret over things not in your control 🙂

  4. Ok I am aware that you must be very close to your due date by now cause I have been missing from blog scene since very long.
    But, I sincerely skimmed through your blog archives to find this post to register my heartfelt congratulations, love & good wishes to you my very dear friend 😀 😀
    Stay Blessed!!

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