How a husband takes care of a pregnant wife

Characters :  Visha and Zack

“I feel hungry very often these days”
“Oh thats good I think. Keep eating. But keep exercising, don’t be lazy”

“I wish I could chat with you all day long”
“Hmm, nice to hear. But walking is important. Isn’t it time now for your walk”

“I do not think you are missing me at all. You seem to enjoy a lot”
“Yeah, true. My pants are feeling slightly tighter these days. Which means I am happy”

“Why do you look so disheveled. Is the laptop camera not working correctly or did you not sleep last night”
“The kids here are not letting me be in peace. You should have been here to control this zoo.”
“So now you know my worth”
“Did I say that? I told you are needed to control these brats.”

“I am not having any specific cravings. Moo is a good kid I think, happy with whatever I eat”
“I do not think so”
“I am not lying”
“That I know. But Moo being a good kid we cannot determine now only. You know how they eventually turn out in the end. Moo will be one of the zoo animals only”


Six weeks to go for my due date and I think I will blog daily just to kill the waiting time. And to get back to talking with all of you ( sincerely hoping you have not forgotten me). So tell me, how have you been 🙂


25 thoughts on “How a husband takes care of a pregnant wife

    • 😯 I thought you said wow to the injustice meted out to me.

      Out of pure boredom Tharani, hoping it lasts long till Moo makes an arrival 😉

  1. Visha so good to see you back 🙂 All the best with the last leg of 9 months 🙂 I loved these conversations, nothing serious and they make you feel lighter, happy in a way :). And did I tell you I already like Moo 🙂

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