Some things are priceless

The very first email I had ever composed and sent to, was to my cousin living in US in 1998, using my father’s email ID, at his office. Thus started my first encounter with the Internet.

His being a government office, no one was willing to learn the ‘computer stuff’. He was buoyed by the idea though, and brought himself MS-Office guides and diligently learnt to use the tools all by himself. He had an innate sense of joy when he successfully sent across an email or typed a word document all by himself. ‘The computer’ would be my chorus when I was asked what would I like to do during weekends. Saturday was half day at school and I would impatiently wait for the bell to ring so that I rush home, have lunch and wait for him to pick me up. The lunch hour in offices would be an hour-long break and I would get 10 minutes to myself, of course with my father supervising his daughter using the department’s one and only computer. And I would open MS-Paint and draw a house, moon and mountains, fill them with colors and save it in my name.

Even to this day, his favorite task using the computer is to write and send emails. Money not credited to account? Email the bank manager. Electricity charges came unusually high this month? Email the zonal EB manager. Internet connection issues? Go to office and email the network people. Manufacturing defect of a newly purchased item?Email the head of the brand ( not joking). And the issues are always resolved, that is the beauty of it.

Even though communication has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last decade, he remains loyal to his first and foremost tryst with the internet. So when one fine day he could not login using his id and password, he panicked. He tried multiple times and unfortunately his account got locked. He made a call to his internet issues solver ( me! me!) and was boggled when I told his account might have got hacked. “Why would someone want to use my email ID”, he asked anxiously. “Don’t worry pa. We will solve it.” I wrote to the technical team stating that my father does not have any alternate account where they could send the recovery password or reset instructions. Within 2 days I got an email which had instructions to resolve the issue. He would proudly tell anyone who would listen( primary audience – mummy)  that his daughter solved such a complex matter all by herself.

I was genuinely bemused seeing his enthusiasm on getting his beloved email back. Elders are such kids I tell you 🙂 🙂

I then told him to change the password and make it one which is difficult to guess. “But what will I do if I forget it myself?”, he asked over phone. And then himself continued that he will access his personal email ID only at home and have the password written in a diary.

Out of curiosity, I asked him what his initial password had been.


🙂 🙂 🙂

35 thoughts on “Some things are priceless

  1. aww.. so cute.. I just love when Dads ask such masoom questions 🙂

    You know, I was setting up ipad for my Dad, he has never had any email ID, so I made one for him to use for itunes and saved the details in notes. It was such an awesome moment for me Visha, usually he is the one who does everything for me, helps me when I am stuck but that time I got small opportunity to do something for him.

    We love our Dads ehh..

  2. Such a delight reading this in the morning :). Fathers are darlings sacchi. Even my dad loves just loves writing such emails 🙂 And drawing a house, moon and mountains, fill them with colors and save it in my name. – same pinch at that. All of us have so many same memories.

    Lol @ computer. True when the whole internet thing is new even my dad would have either mine or sister’s name as the password :). So difficult to guess na 😛

    When is your due date? May sometime?

  3. So cute! Kudos to your dad, though…it is difficult for me to find adults who really want to make an effort learning all the ‘computer stuff’. 🙂

    Writing to top people in an organisation helps most of the times..rather than going through the usual bottom level problem solving method.

    Adults are such kids.. fully agree 🙂 Experienced that so many times! 🙂

    • My mom is one of them whom you are talking about. It took her so long to learn how to use Internet, but yeah..she did learn it eventually out of boredom and constant pestering from us 😀

  4. how sweet.. when computers were expensive, my dad a nd his friends together bought their first computer.. so it used to be in the bachelors home.. all the partners had keys. so i used to go there on sundays and used to do same mountain and sun.. i used to go and tell about how to start, shut down, save file to all my classmates.. but now i am no where in computers, all my friends have become programmers 🙂

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