How I started eating alone

If we look back to the years gone by, we find that we have changed somewhat. Now change in what sense? Perspective, habits, goals, etc. That is not to say we change completely, some things cannot change no matter how much oneself tries or others help to try πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

One change which has occurred or rather which I have incorporated in myself over the past three years is the ability to eat alone anywhere, anyplace. There is a three-step process to achieve this, read on if you are interested πŸ˜‰

Step 1. To eat alone, with company ( aka strangers)

When I joined my current workplace three years ago, I was the only lady in the organisation. I had lunch with the guys for the first three days but found their conversations guarded because of my presence. So on the fourth day I asked them if we had a food court nearby. It turned out the building had a pretty huge one. It so happened that some places allowed you to eat your food from your lunch box while others had a strict ‘No lunchbox’ policy. I found a table for myself in a place where I made it triple sure lunch boxes were not banned. Now that table seated 4, just as I opened my box I had one girl asking if I was expecting someone and if she could sit there. No pleasantries exchanged, we had our meals and left the table. That became a routine, me either joining strangers during lunch times or having them joined me. This was still very new for me, to eat all by myself in the company of strangers.

Step 2. To eat alone, without company ( aka you, and only you)

It so happened once that during tea break at office,Β  I was wandering in the food court and on call with Zack. I felt too hungry to walk back to office and I had a CCD kiosk right in front of me. I wanted something savory and ordered a samosa. I sat on a table and found myself all alone. People were walking all along the corridor and I was sitting all by myself waiting for my samosa. When it came finally, I felt too conscious to eat it. I called the husband.

“No, tell me”
“I have to eat a samosa all by myself”
“Eat fast, otherwise it will get cold”
“Arrey I told I have to eat it alone”
“I am not used to eat alone like this”
[Insert snigger and a chuckle]
“You talk to me and eat, will give you company”

Slowly and gradually, I stopped being conscious of eating alone. I stopped calling the husband too. How to concentrate on food if I have to hold a conversation on phone πŸ˜›
After office hours and before boarding the bus, I used to find a nice place for myself and finish my sandwich or the fresh fruit juice I ordered.

Step 3. To eat alone, in public ( aka the world is my family)

The next progression in my eating habits came when I became pregnant. I could not afford to wait till I got home or for breaks at work to start eating. And so I started eating fruits and muffins and dry fruits at all places previously frowned upon by me – at my office desk, at bus stops, in buses, during walking back from bus stop to home, during evening walks on weekends, basically anywhere + anyplace + anytime. I would get down from my bus, cross the road and immediately open the muffin packet on a busy stretch of road having the evening passers-by and vehicles. I would get amused seeing theΒ  ‘cant she even wait till she reaches home’ glances.

I know, but I do not give a damn πŸ˜€

12 thoughts on “How I started eating alone

  1. heheheh i loved that… Actually I never bothered to eat alone before I came to hostel n then with friends accompanying during all meals of day, it became a habit to eat with someone. and till date, its a habit to eat with someone (helps me to finish food fast or the meal is prolonged :() when I am at home, yes i feel a lil awkward to eat alone but when im outside, in restaurants, streets or anywhere else… i do not mind eating alone…

    Though eating along with someone is a always a pleasure.. I think eating alone also comes with some benefits.. gives u time to spend with urself, think ur urself, ur family, work etc etc….

  2. Way to go girl…can totally relate with you on that..I never used to eat alone but the I went travelling alone and ended up eating with total strangers and sometimes alone… After that it hasn’t been much of a problem.. πŸ™‚

  3. I loved this post!! Maybe because I can totally identify with it ( except for Step 3, which also is perfect, coz I am sure that is how it will be when I get there ).
    For a person who never had anything if she was alone, I have come a long way after having lonely lunches for four long months. I got used to it and sometimes I prefer it over sitting silently amidst a group of known people. πŸ™‚

  4. I cannot eat alone. Ever. So much so that for a year and a half when I had no company at one place i worked, i stopped having lunch. Would get snacks and eat at my desk. Still cannot do it.
    I did try it once when I travelled abroad for work, cos there it is norm, but event then, I couldn’t wait to finish and run.
    My pregnancy eating is a different story. All my friends shunned me for being a glutton who made them hungry at all hours by chomping throughout!

    • DI, I was exactly like you. But iss bhookh ka kya karein πŸ˜€

      I used to gulp down food, wolf them down in 5 minutes if I ate alone, initially. Then I found myself not appreciating the painstakingly made food which I made in the rushed mornings and found peace in eating slowly and enjoying it in solitude πŸ™‚

  5. Nice narration. I have been able to eat anything anywhere with or without anyone. I don’t know how I got that quality but I just always have been. πŸ™‚ Guess I am shameless πŸ˜›

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