People leave old footwear in the showroom and walk away with the new one. Just like that. As if the showroom is a dump yard 😯

_ _ _
SBI has a rule where in if you want to change your phone number registered in internet banking, you download the application and submit it to the bank manager of your branch in person. Completely killing the concept of ‘internet’ banking.

_ _ _
We buy the mobile phone so that it remains ‘mobile’ all the time. Whats its use if it remains immobile at one place getting charged always? I have the land line for that no.

_ _ _
Mummy watches one Hindi TV serial drama every night. In todays time and age, the lead actress was doing a shiva mantra jap on one leg to ‘attain’ the hero that too in heavy rain. I think the director added the rain bit to make the idea more appealing 🙄

_ _ _
One day, some day I will finally decode the mystery that is the perfect hairstyle for Indian summers for normal working class people.

21 thoughts on “What-is-this-I-dont-even-understand

  1. Really? people leave their old shoes? I haven’t seen it. I have experienced it with SBI and I wanted to slam the computer on the guy’s face. TV serials ki to baat hi mat karo. Regressive crap but they make what sells.

  2. People do what?! Leave old footwear in the shop is it?Gawd thats horrible.

    Yeah, SBI internet banking must be only one where nothing is available online 😀 Ofcourse they want all the thathas and aunties to have work all the time no? Otherwise whats the point of having a bank in every single street 😛

    LOL on the mobile thingy 😀

    OMG! Is that serial dated back to say 12th century? 🙄

    I would prefer a ‘kondai’ like that of Naradhar 😀

    • Yes, the do that. Its a sad thing to see.

      hehe you are right GB.

      about the serial, I just think how the audience sees it everyday and keeps its ratings high 😦

      Kondai..hehehe, but in the humidity that too will feel like a burden no 😆

  3. LOL @ always keeping your mobile phone immobile. My dad has just got a mobile phone from his bro, and he is always doing that. I so totally understand you on that. 🙂

    Shiva mantra jaap on one leg to attain a hero?! Really?!! :O

    People leave their old footwear in showrooms and walk away with new ones?! :O Again, really? I have never been witness to that!

  4. arey forget about leaving their old footwear…
    when I was in India, I was trying sandals in the mall taking out the chappal that I was actually wearing.. A girl came & wore my “old” chappal & started walking out … I screamed at her – oye kahan chali meri chapal pehen ke…how disgusting yaar!! 😦

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