A different love

How is it that I tire of watching tv or reading books, but I do not tire of cooking a full meals in the Indian summer noons? Weekends, I plan menus and cook meals for our family of 4. That I am given a free rein to decide whats to be cooked, courtesy Moo should be conveniently overlooked.

I was never actively into cooking before marriage happened. I had lots of cooking disasters post marriage but a year later, I was satisfied by my cooking, as were the ones who had to eat them. Here and there I invented some mix and match, tweaked the traditional measures and substituted what all I had available in my kitchen for some basic foolproof recipes. Since an year, I started looking into the science behind it. Some of my tried and tested experiments –
Salt water fishes need not have too much lemon in their marination.
When you substitute salt with lemon juice while making poha, you really cannot tell the difference.
Chicken oozes lots of oil, so need to use too much of the same while making chicken dishes.
Coconut gratings if you add on vegetable stir frys, they taste awesome.

These sudden food thoughts brought to you in association with the awesome lunch I had today – phulkas + beet root stir fry + cauliflower masala, rounded off by the sweetest mango slices, the season’s first at our home.


14 thoughts on “A different love

    • I married into a hardcore foodie family, hence the turn around. Else I would be a daily daal chaawal person 😀

      Hows you 🙂

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