Announcing the arrival of Moo

Moo made an entry into this world last Saturday at 8 shattering atleast 20 peoples prediction that Moo would be a boy. Would you believe, my moms best friend waiting outside the hospital room with my parents and many other friends, commented ‘its a boy’, hearing the loud wail of Moo as soon as she was pulled out. I am told she was more shocked than surprised when she held Moo because she has a track record of her predictions going always right. Also, 90% of my extended inlaws family had told I will have a boy seeing my tummy in the baby shower function. I feel happy thinking that now I can finally tell them gleefully that ‘see, I told you I am carrying a girl’ 😈

People, our Moo has already started being a rebel.

On the eve of my due date, my doctor found that Moo has not descended yet and still was sitting very high up. She gave us three days to wait, after which my amniotic fluid levels were found to be very low. Waiting for few more days was a risk which she was unwilling to take. And I had to be admitted for an operation. I had a very jovial anaesthesiologist who continuously asked me stuff like what’s the difference between medu vada and dahi vada. The head nurse brought a wrapped bundle with a funny cap to me when I was getting stitched up and said, here is your daughter. I kissed her feet and said wow to myself.

* * *

Its been a week with Moo and I am slowly learning to understand my daughter. Her cries are different when she is hungry and when she has peed. She likes to hear us talk to her in evenings and raises a storm if we just leave her alone. While sleeping, she looks like a calm and happy squirrel but other times she is a monkey. Her nails are so sharp already, she has scratched me twice.

* * *

My dad is furious that I am not sleeping when I get time ( meaning when Moo naps ) and so he took away my laptop. I am typing this post from phone and it is going to be like this for a while. I have not been online for a while and my reader must have at least 100 unread posts. So tell me, how are you doing? Missed me? 🙂