Good, bad and ugly

The Good

Moo gives a smile in her sleep, never when she is awake though.

I have lost 5 kgs.yay.

I am sleeping whenever I get time, which is during the day.

The Bad

I could totally fool anyone telling I am still pregnant.

I have not got my appetite back, which is making breastfeeding difficult. On top of it there are so many restrictions on what kind of food I should have.

I miss being online the whole day with my laptop

The Ugly

I have lost my job due to company reorganizations. They have removed my skill set from their future project proposals.

Zack and I have not spoken since long. Nothing via messages and mails too. There was a huge fight amongst the family members when they visited to see Moo. My parents, his parents, etc..etc.. I actually never thought he will never even reply to my emails. Sigh.