You know what happened today

Today I went to the tailor,
I said, “How are you, all well with you”
He said, “Who are you, are you the same girl I know”
I said, “I am the same, just got a bit fat”
He said, “No no you got very fat”
I said, “Well, I am a mommy now, it will be like this for a while”
He said, “Don’t worry, you wont get fatter than this”

* * *

Today when I was exercising,
I found I could bend a bit more easily
It does not ache when I arch to the right
Nor does it pain when I twist around
Though jiggly belly is full wiggly wiggly
My mind is happily happy

* * *

Today I woke up half an hour early
I had planned it yesterday that I would wake up early today
It happened and I got very enthusiastic
I will go to the terrace and enjoy the pleasant weather I thought,
But it started raining heavily there and then.
I will watch some television show I thought,
But due to the rains the cable TV went off.
So in the end you know how I spent the extra thirty minutes
I visited my tailor.


27 thoughts on “You know what happened today

  1. Your tailor is funny, I just lost my usual tailor. The guy moved his shop somewhere else leaving me searching for another one. Sigh!

    Loved your rhymes! Hope Moo is rocking the home. 🙂 😀

  2. I think this is my first visit here. Love your blog.! 🙂
    Lime is 2 now and I am still trying to lose my pregnancy weight! But you know what I would give permission for only few people to comment on my weight.. especially some people who have been seeing me from childhood and are close to me… When others do the same, I get so pissed off..

    • Welcome Lavender 🙂

      Glad you liked this space!

      I know its a long way to go..I lost only the baby weight, that is 3 kg..can you believe that 😦

      This tailor knows me since many years, just that I did not expect such a candid comment from him 😀

    • I was reeling from the shock to do anything else 😀

      I was taken aback by his candidness actually, also since he is the best tailor for me, I did not want to antagonize him 😉

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