Long time, no see

Today, at 3AM

Moo making un-describable sounds
“What kind of noise is this Visha”
“Its different now, earlier she used to make roaring sounds. She is squealing now”
“Forget the classifications, why did she wake up, she was sleeping all right only no”

One of the deep and insightful conversation snippets between Zack, Moo and me.

* *

Its been a little more than a fortnight since Moo entered zoo Bangalore and it has been a rollercoaster ride for the three of us. Moo became aware she has been plucked out and placed elsewhere and she showed off her knowledge by crying non stop the whole day. It took her two days to shut up and stare instead of wailing whenever anyone from the family approached her. Third day onwards, she forgot me except her meal and sleep times 😐 :\

Zack got all formal as soon as I stepped into our bedroom with my suitcases, “can I get you some water to drink”, “do you want to rest first and eat later”, etc..and I understood how a seven month absence of me in his life made him all formal with me. I obliged by staring at him for five seconds and saying loudly, “Chill boss, its me only, the same old”. His nervous grin was the highlight of the day.

The niece lost four of her teeth during these many months and now looks very, very funny. I try not to laugh when she coos to Moo oh so sweetly, lest I offend away my always-on-wheels babysitter. Moo adjusted well to her cousins and her favourite of the current lot is a two and a half year old nephew. She has two sisters and two brothers between the ages o f 1.5 and 6, thus making my life a bit easier ( to run errands like combing my hair and using the loo).

Washing Moo’s clothes is a favourite past time of mine. I do it early it in the morning, soon after my bath, when she is with Zack. I color coordinate her nappies and frocks while lying them out to drying. Also, I do the same while folding her laundry 😛

There is no internet at home and Zack takes the laptop to work. Thus making my online time virtually nil. Not that I have loads of time at hand, but still I miss being online. The maid did not turn up the day I came, so I am occupied with one or the other work the whole day. Some afternoons, when Moo sleeps for three straight hours, I try to finish unpacking my suitcases. There are so many clothes which I am not going to get into in the near future, that I am filling them up in the huge bags and keeping them in the loft. Wardrobe organization tips anyone?

In other news, Moo completes five months today. Oh wait, maybe she was telling us that today morning :O

P.S It has taken me two days to finish this post and schedule it to be posted. I haven’t been reading or commenting blogs at all since a month or so. I miss you all 🙂