Sometimes I think, if I have married the right guy

Visha and Zack talking in whispers across a sleeping Moo.

* * *

“I could do something you know. As an alternative career option. Not go back to a 9 to 5 job, take care of Moo and yet earn some money”

“You already have your hands full, why do you want to stress yourself”

“It will break the monotony no”

“Ok, have you thought about something”

“Yeah, I say a flyer which came with the newspaper today. It said order meals via phone and it will be delivered in an hour. I could think on that lines. Cooking food and selling it. What do you think I cook the best?”






“Hot water.”

#truestory #notmadeup #verbatimdailogues


20 thoughts on “Sometimes I think, if I have married the right guy

  1. LOL

    I have been thinking on the lines of an alternate career too these days, not that I had much of a career to begin with, before Bubboo.

    We have been having hushed conversations over a sleeping Bubboo all too often, already. 🙂

    • Nahi re..that I used to do before Moo, if he made such quirky statements..nowadays if I make the slightest of sounds Moo wakes up, so Zack got away this time 😦

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