Footloose today

Early morning we got a call from Zack’s cousin. “Get ready in half an hour, we are going to Mysore”. When all of us where seated in the car an hour later, I noticed this is the second impromptu trip of the month. The niece has a severe case of motion sickness and we had forgotten to pack plastic covers. Guess what we did, at the toll gate, over the counter the billing guy was eating chocolates from a packet, we bought out the entire packet from him. In fifteen minutes flat, the niece threw up neatly into it. Moo was staring widely at her. I think she learnt something from her sister today 😆

The day involved visiting relatives, temples and general gossip sitting under a huge tree right across a coconut farm. The thing with such farm visits is you never can say no easily to the guys giving you stuff so lovingly. So after we had three to four coconuts each, we left the place to another long drive at the city outskirts.

Right now we have crashed down at a resort and tomorrow morning will see us making some more temple visits and hopefully hogging on street food. I have great recommendations of the chaat items especially.

Also, today is the last day of the blogathon and I am mildly unhappy about it. No more dedicated internet time and no more daily dose of reading material. Every night Zack would find me fiddling with the phone checking mail instead of spending the already limited time available with him. Guess he would be a happy man from tomorrow 😀


I seem to have forgone most of the things in my routine after I became a mom. Top of the list is reading and walking. As of now, I have four half-read books in the shelf, so not me 😐

When I used to work, I walked whenever I could. Now after Moo, all the times she rests ( which is very very less ) I am found catching up with the household chores or some rest for myself. And when I step out with her for a walk, one or the other neighbor will stop us and talk at length making it late for us and we would just do a circle around the house and come inside.

No set routine for cooking, writing, organizing ( trying to) and the other chores. I do them according to the latest status of Moo. But last night, when I was thinking about how different my life has become now, I observed one routine which I diligently follow every single night.

When the house and its inmates finally fall asleep after watching the last mega serial episode available and there is no sound except the dogs barking outside and I am sure Moo is deep asleep and wont wake up for half an hour at least, I quietly make my way to the kitchen, make myself a cup of warm milk and have it in near darkness on the sofa. I think of how calm and peaceful the time is, finish my cuppa, fill my water bottle and make my way back. On some days, even after I am done, I just sit and stare at the night lamp.

I wish this does not stop any time soon!


You sleep the same way as your papa does.

You twist and turn and then release a sigh on waking up the same way as your papa.

Your love for appalam is similar to your papa’s.

Your hair curls the same way as your papa’s.

You and your papa share the same tickle spots.

You hate being woken up and make a huge deal out of it, just like your papa.


Dear daughter of mine, growing up, please show some of my traits too, I contributed in making you too.