Coffee with a gentleman

One busy market area coffee shop is so crowded during weekends, that you cannot find a table all to yourself. People keep moving in and out and in fact, your seat is being waited upon. A chance visit to this place when my stomach started rumbling like anything made us share our table with an elderly gentleman.

“May I join if its not an issue?”, he asked with a smile.
“Oh sure Sir, please”, said Zack.
“I come here to have coffee everyday. Its been 14 years now.”

And so he continued telling his story, about the city, friends, weather, traffic, pollution, what not. The conversations lasted till 2 rounds of coffee when he said it was time for his evening walk around the park. We offered to pay for him, since I was still eating and Zack had not ordered anything yet. “Oh no no no no, I cant let you pay for me, that is not possible”, he was shaking his head like a cute old elephant, while taking out his wallet. But he relented later, when we told it would be easier for us to get the total bill for the table and that he can save the time while not waiting for the change to arrive. “Ah yes, these days getting back the single denomination change is so time consuming”. We smiled and he left saying we shall meet again.

Its not that often that we walk upon strangers and share life stories. This old guy had nothing extra ordinary to tell us, nor he had a heroic story to share. But the musings and ramblings of his mind were so good to listen, devour actually – on how laid back and peaceful his times were!


13 thoughts on “Coffee with a gentleman

  1. WOW 14 years is a long time .. although I must say it becomes a habit and somehow the day does not seem complete without that one particular act.. I too have been going to this coffee shop for yearssssssssssss now , so much so that if i miss a day I get a phone call asking am i ok .. and the moment I open the door the lady has this big smile and my large latte with two sugar, extra chocolate READY…

  2. Your post left me smiling wide Visha πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I am sure the time and attention that zack and your gave him would have made his day too!

    Btw, you weaved the incident so well. I could visualize perfectly πŸ˜€

  3. You had a really nice encounter then:) Both S and I are big introverts, even if someone talks to us we only listen.. Sigh how I wish atleast one of us were different..

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