Without gifting in a birthday party

The niece celebrated her birthday on Saturday. She was very excited about the evening from two days and kept insisting her dad that he get strawberry cake only and no other cake would do. Now what to gift her became a big question for me. I had to run some errands so was out for most of the afternoon. When I came back it was almost 7. I got repeated calls to come as soon as possible since they were waiting for me to cut the cake. To top it I was hungry as hell. I started readying Moo while Zack went to get me a Faasos wrap. He came back in 15 minutes and Moo and I were ready. I shoved down the wrap into my mouth in the most humane way possible as Moo wore an incredulous look ( read-how can you eat without giving me).

When I stepped into the birthday party came the realisation, oh my God, I did not get her the gift! As she cut the cake and we sang the birthday song, I whispered to her mom that I forgot to get the gift. “That and all is no problem, first help me to cut the cake correctly and serve all, otherwise she herself will sit down nicely and finish it by herself”, said my sister-in-law with a hurried glance at me. Moo was quiet until the song got over and started crying once I got out of the sight with the cake in my hand. It took several minutes for her to calm down, but till then, all the guests were served with the food. The niece proceeded to finish her share of the cake and made sure all her friends ate quickly too, so that she could play with them. After an hour or so, Moo got very sleepy and I left without bidding the niece goodbye.

The next evening, when I handed her her gift wrapped in a shiny pink paper, she was all smiles and said, I love surprises! you are the best!

Kids are the best 🙂


19 thoughts on “Without gifting in a birthday party

  1. Ha ha true! Kids are the best.

    I once remember doing this to my best friend on purpose. Actually she was a very dramatic personality but at the same time naive. So we knew she would be expecting us to make a big deal of her birthday by surprising her at midnight. I schemed with our other friends to pretend like we hadn’t planned anything. We just wished her happy birthday and left it at that. She was so fooled all day until we surprised her with the party when the birthday was about to end, the next day.

  2. I love Moo’s look! Imagine me giving you the same look!
    Kids are very innocent, sometimes! Your neice doesn’t know that you are one over smart aunt>:)
    And she is right, you are the best, but not better than Moo:-*

    • Instead I would be giving you that look, what with all the kind of dishes you cook and not sharing with me their recipes 👿

      Just got lucked out, her brother is quite sharp *gulp*

  3. How sweet! 🙂 And what was the gift?

    I remember a birthday party I took Bubboo to, recently. She was sleeping throughout the song singing and cake cutting; woke up when everything was over, got hungry and started screaming at the top of her lungs. 😀

    Off topic, but very important koschun – How is Faasos? Been meaning to try it out for quite some time now.

    • A quilling set 🙂

      Moo never, never sleeps when she is out of the house. Even if she is sleepy, she will keep her eyes wide open and take in the surroundings and happenings and will cry because she is sleepy but she wants to see too 🙄 Bubboo is so chamathu paapa 😀 😀

      Love them! I have tried many kinds of wraps and loved them all. You get to choose bases too – wheat or maida. That day I had paneer tikka masala wrap and it was yummylicious 🙂

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