On being a mom

“You already know how to raise a baby. The only new thing for you is giving birth to one”, said one of my sisters-in-law, when a pregnant me was cajoling with her kid. Though shocked, I laughed it off and proceeded to play with my nephew. Seeing him, I reminisced, how I had held him four hours after his birth and took care of him for two days, when his mom was resting after an operation. Later that night, I shared this incident with Zack, he smiled and said lets see whats in store for us. You will be an awesome mom, he assured, you are so natural with kids.

With Moo, I have had some new experiences and observations, which nobody told me, nor did I read about it anywhere.

  • Just borns are not exactly very cute-sy. It takes some time for all the features to develop and gain shape. Moo had a very interesting case. Her left eye was smaller than her right, making her look non-human most of the times. She had a very large forehead with zero hair on her head. It took two to three months for her to stop resembling like a bald monkey and get all aww + oohworthy.
  • Routine is more important than schedule. No use of downloading or noting the feeding and play chart from the internet or the pediatric, the baby will eat when hungry and sleep when tired. I had this habit of putting her to sleep at 8pm when she was four months old, which is the recommended age for getting babies into a daily schedule. She followed it for two weeks or so, then third week onward started howling and screeching when placed into her cradle. Gradually, she understood that after clothes-change and feed, its time to go to sleep.
  • Your sleep is gone, until your kid goes to college.
  • Patience is a virtue, but when you become a mom, it becomes a necessity. They wake up at 2am, when you are so very sleepy, your eyes are refusing to open, but they want to play or simply stare at you. You have to patiently wait till they get tired and calculate the minutes as to when the wide eyed dragon will finally start lolling and you can flop back into the bed.
  • Babies take time to know you.Moo never even looked at me until she was four months old, let alone smile. I used to long for her to smile at me, but she would squeal and laugh at the WALL instead.
  • Now this may work for some, or it may not for others. But in my experience, putting on Vicks Vaporub on Moo’s feet and then putting on socks always ensured she stayed warm throughout cool nights.
  • Making baby food and feeding Moo separately does not work. We have to make her eat along with us, when we are having our foods.

And the learning’s are still in progress šŸ™‚

24 thoughts on “On being a mom

  1. My mom will disagree with your third point, Visha. She’ll rephrase it as ‘Your sleep will be gone once you become a mother!’ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

  2. Your 3rd point scares the hell out of me. For someone who loves sleeping so much that she considers her bed as her best friend, how the hell am I going to manage when I start thinking about kids?

    I sometimes think about all this and freak out thinking if I will ever become ready for a kid. :-/

  3. Hey Visha, its always nice to read your mommy chronicles. And I like your idea of applying vicks and putting the socks. I am gonna do that. Delhi is so cold. šŸ˜€

  4. Oh please! I know Moo was born very cute! You are just jealous! Hmphh…
    According to Joy, changing clothes meant, we are going out šŸ˜€
    I love your patience mantra! Totally agree with you.
    Joy recognised me only till two months! Now toh don’t even ask!
    Vicks works with Joy too.
    I wish someone told me about food part earlier. I cook for him all over again!
    Kids are teachers. They teach us motherhood and classes kabhi khatam nahi hoti!

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