On neatness

My home is clean, but not neat.

Whenever I visit someones home, I observe how neat their living rooms are. And bedrooms, if I am invited to enter. And the bathrooms, if I need to use it. I mean everything is so neat and organized in the visiting place that during and after the visit I keep thinking why does my home always look like aΒ scene out of a typhoon ravaged house. Newspapers all around, books and flyers lying here and there, clothes to be folded, folded clothes to be kept inside the wardrobe, etc, etc.

Its not like when people come announced we have a messy home πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ But when someone comes suddenly, we always keep putting things away while welcoming them.

“Oh welcome, welcome, long time eh, please come in”

In the background, we are making the sofa presentable by clearing the clutter, setting the living room teapoy in the center and taking away the junk on it, sweeping the dining table of the innumerable knickknacks and assembling chairs for the guests to sit in.

And when you haveΒ the kids playing the hall, your feet will invariably hit something and you have to catch yourself from falling or hurting. With Moo, we always have the squeaky toys in all the rooms, even in kitchen πŸ˜€

We cannot blame the kids really. Even when they are not around, things are never where they should be. I sit and organize the bedroom every Sunday, but come Tuesday all the open cabinets become messy. The living room I have lost hope that it will ever be organized and neat always.

But, a strange thing is, you wont find a speck of dirt and dust anywhere, MIL is very particular about it. A clean, but disorganized place is where I live, sigh!


23 thoughts on “On neatness

  1. that reminds me .. I am desperately looking for a cleaner , my house is in a mess .. I have not had time for the last 3 weeks to do what i usually have to do ..
    some personal things happening ..

    I need to spend some days tidying it up

  2. I’m one of those with OCD fever… I want everything in place, spic and span.. basically neat and clean both.. my mother in law ad husband initially faced a lot of problem with this habit but now even they are accustomed to it πŸ™‚

  3. You should come to my place, Visha. You’ll feel very much at home. πŸ™‚
    As much as I try organising the stuff at my place, it is back to its usual messy state in two or three days max. I always marvel at the way some people maintain their house so beautifully, like a hotel!!

    • hehe looks like most of us live the same kind of situation. So true, some people have everything organized like a hotel, right from tissues to notepad πŸ™„

  4. Same pinch, that’s how my home is too, A’s stuff is spread everywhere, books, toys, pens, pencils, clips and what not. I thought that’s how a home with a kid should be πŸ˜‰

  5. you have just spoke my state of mind right now..As I was browsing blogs, at the background I was also worrying about why is that my house is never neat.. I am tired of cleaning it and even had a tiff with M earlier today.. the house is a big mess now 😦

  6. Ha ha ha ha… Actually I started as you I sensed your rant πŸ˜€ Because this is where I find myself exactly too. Every Sunday I stand in the hall and look around and pat myself on the back for having made the house look spic and span. Come Tuesday, God knows how the place turns into a junkyard. Of course, I never compromise on cleanliness but the neat chic look, where did it go?

    Anyway I’m better than you in one aspect, I know who exactly is the reason behind this rampage. Of course, who else? The ever-on-computer hubby who takes out all his toys (read: gadgets) and other stuff out but never bothers to put them back. He is the opposite of me. And if I chide him, what does he say? If I don’t do this, what will you do next Sunday without anything to clean? πŸ˜›

    • hehehe, your hubby knows you well πŸ˜‰

      At least you know the culprit, I can never pin point to one specific person 😐 Even I am guilty many times, I just wonder how some families manage to be organized all day long

  7. Our house is exactly the same and gives me a smile to say that we do all those things when guests come unannounced. And needless to say, mum is always after us to put things in their own places after using them. And there are no kids at home!
    Don’t worry Visha. We are all the same. πŸ™‚

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