Festival special

The best part about any festival is the yummy food we get to consume in large quantities πŸ˜€

The medu vadaΒ is one item which only finds place in festival menu, no other occasion. Dunking the fresh, hot vada in an even hotter sambar for breakfast is the only lure for the lazy bums in the family to wake up from their deep slumbers. The magical thing about this breakfast is once you are done, you feel so heavy that you promptly go back and hug your pillow for a small nap. Next comes the lunch. It only consists of the basic fare every time, still it always feels like we have had a kings meal. Maybe that is the magic of eating the food on a banana leaf? There is always some place for payasam no matter how stuffed you are.

When everyone stirs from their afternoon siesta, between steaming hot cups of tea and gossips, the left over vada batter is taken out from the fridge and now the vadas take shape of small balls, to be had as snacks. The evenings will see more such inventions and guests. No cooking for dinner because all the food from lunch is still there, with the exception of rice. The sambar, rasam, poriyalΒ all will be duly consumed and we will call it a day and retire to our respective beds.

The kitchen is in a mess, the dining tables are loaded with the tambulams,Β the kolam has been disfigured and so many things to be taken care of, but now is not the time, the groaning muscles and aching limbs need some rest, the warm comforter calls and everything can be handled tomorrow.


14 thoughts on “Festival special

  1. Ah! The unique feel of a the festival and its aftermath. Of course, the next day will slowly start and clean up will happen but right now after all those food intake, all we want to do is take a little nap. πŸ™‚

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