Post festival day

When I used to go to work, I always thought that instead of the day of the festival, the next day should be declared as a holiday. Its no different now. When I woke up in the morning, the sheer amount of cleaning that needed to be done was making me think why cannot we have a holiday for everybody today, so that we do not have tiffin boxes to be packed, kids to be packed off to school and in general, rest. But wishes like these always remain wishes only. And with a little hurricane like Moo, the word rest needs to be rested and buried deep inside the earth.

On top of it, today being a Friday and the weekend so near in sight, Zack was in no mood to go to work. He thought of calling in sick, butΒ darling Moo made sure he scooted off by being in her crankiest best. Why you ask? She wanted to eat the garlands off and no one was allowing her to be near the pooja room πŸ˜†

The kitchen took the longest to be clean. We had had guests for lunch and every available utensil was out of its place, from the spoon to all sizes of serving bowls. The pressure cookers all got their whistles mixed up and for a moment I had to sit down and recollect which one went in which. The dining table went back to being the dump yard of all assorted stuff, hand towels, fruit bowls, washing line clips, dabbas and plastics. By noon 3, we had the house to its pre-festival state.

I usually do not nap in the afternoons, but I was dead tired between yesterday and today. So a short nap it was, because I was soon awaken by little fingers prying open my eyes. And the day continued and ended as usual, as everyday.

16 thoughts on “Post festival day

  1. Hi Visha,

    I want to come and experience life in your home. It looks so colorful.

    I grew up in a nuclear family, far away from my parents home base. My family now has always been a nuclear family very far away from my home base. So these are the moments I feel I have missed.

    My oldest is in college and my youngest is in 11th. So very close to being an empty nester. Half of me is enjoying the company of older kids and looking forward to the freedom – not just the physical day to day responsibilities but also the actual responsibility of fully caring and making decisions for your child and also now being able to rely on your child for some things as they are older. But the other half is not sure what I am going to do with myself. I have always worked full time. But I won’t have day to day responsibilities towards the younger or older generations like you do. I think that is what makes your life so colorful πŸ™‚

    I know the positives of a nuclear family. On the other hand I have always missed having the elders around to comfort and guide us. When they say it will be okay, don’t worry – I actually feel good. Much like how we comfort our own kids.

    And when I was reading the MIL post, I wanted to share my thoughts as an older person than you gals. Most of us eventually feel quite close to our MIL. It may take longer for some but we all come to realize that she is one of the very few people in the world who is totally vested in your life however annoying she may be:) And now I have begun to wonder what kind of a MIL I would be in the next decade or so. Time goes by very fast.

    Do continue sharing these snippets of your life. I am sure there are many of us who enjoy reading it!


    • By far, this is the most heartwarming comment I have ever received here. You honor me SS πŸ™‚

      Believe me, I many times long for some peace from the mad zoo I live in, but as you said there are pros and cons for just about everything in this world. I would love to hear your views on the MIL post πŸ™‚

      Thank you once again πŸ™‚

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