Second hand

The thing with having kids of all sizes and ages in this family is there is so much stuff to pass on to the next baby.

From toys to stroller to woolens to mittens to baby towels to tiny mattresses, Moo uses everything second handed. I have purchased only just born stuff for her, once she outgrew them, I had loads of clothes to chose from for her. That does not mean I am not spending on buying her new dresses and all, but I do that on the lesser scale. There is a certain charm in seeing the same dress being worn by the elder one and the now younger one. Usually it brings out the memories associated with that particular shirt or frock, and it makes for a happy nostalgia recall.

While initially I was a bit hesitant to use all the stuffs second or fourth handed, it later made sense as to how much money I am saving 😆

Now what is the point of this post? Nothing actually. I was just making Moo wear a sweater when I got a comment as to how lovely the niece used to look in the same 🙂


17 thoughts on “Second hand

  1. Little babies outgrow stuff very easily la? It’s wise to use handed downs 🙂 I guess the baby would also be very comfortable in old clothes than the new ones I think * cos I really feel good wearing my old comfortable clothes all the time * 😆

  2. Yes, it saves so much of money. I know that because Joy doesn’t have anyone whose clothes he can wear. And I have to buy every single thing. But now I am passing Joy’s clothes in the family.

  3. Same here. There has been a line of infants in the home over the last couple of years, and so, Bubboo has been receiving a lot of stuff second-hand. We have bought stuff for her too, but comparitively less. The fervour of buying loads of stuff for Bubboo died down after two months or so. 🙂 Yes, I too realised how much money I am saving that way. Also, no point in buying a lot of clothes and other things for her now, when she is growing so fast, and will outgrow them so soon.

  4. I would have loved it too 🙂 but unfortunately there is no one in the family passing on stuff, he is first in this side of family and on my side he has got just one elder sis. So I used her cloths in the just born stage but had to switch to the boy cloths post that, but still I am trying to buy as minimal as possible. Using most of gifted stuff been when we dint like it much. Buying the essentials, or what we call Bahar ke kapde. My funda is right now he wears whatever we make him wear, so take advantage, later he ell start having his own individual choice and we won’t be able to do much then.

    • I make Moo wear all my nephew’s clothes, guess I have an advantage, it being winters 🙂

      Yes yes, now only apna raaj then fully baccha raaj 😀

  5. It makes a lot of sense…especially all you do through out the day is change their dress…I just got a load of used clothes from my SIL for my 6 month old son and you have no idea how relieved I was…They are cotton and comfortable..quite suitable for the upcoming summer…All of them which my own mother had lovingly purchased for her grand-kids.

  6. We love hand me downs. I do use them only from family or people I know though, close friends etc. That too washed a hundred times, because I am crazy like that. I have an issue buying even second hand toys from consignment shops/ thrift stores here. Maybe its foolish and I can save a ton, but I still find it really weird. I don’t buy second hand for myself, so why for my child. But a lot of my friends buy a lot of second hand stuff from random people for their child.

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