Wedding outtakes

  • The bride was the cynosure of all eyes, but I observed the thayir vada stole the show 😛
  • The amount of time your saree will remain prim and proper is directly proportional to the crankiness level of your infant.
  • You will be admonished on being ‘on diet‘ even if you are eating six meals a day, plus assorted snacks and juices.
  • The only accessory you can carry to the wedding venue is your baby bag – what? why do you need a purse or phone.
  • The baby will fall asleep not during the loud music show, or while meeting the hoards of relatives but only when it is time for you to step on to the stage to wish the couple.
  • When finally, finally you get the time to sit and cherish the awesome gulab jamun one last time, the baby will create a ruckus to go home.

14 thoughts on “Wedding outtakes

  1. Completely agree.

    I went to only one proper function after Bubboo’s birth, and did not notice ANYTHING. Neither the food, nor the relatives, nor the pooja. I was busy catering to Madame’s needs. 🙂

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