Guest post by Moo – 2


That is how is I say hello, okay. I came here again because Mummy does not have anything new to say, but I have loads 😀

I am seeing many new people everyday. Its a good change for me, got bored of seeing the same faces everyday. I see shiny and colorful sarees on all the aunties and when I taste it when they lift me, they complain to mummy that I drool a lot. The family wedding picture has a wet patch on mummy’s blouse, if you see it you know the reason 😉

All the yummy food is making everyone fat I heard. What fat and all, once in a while only these kind of events happen no, I get to taste variety too, instead of the same baby food which they ‘specially’ make for me. My favorite is the appalam. Anytime I cry, I get an appalam. I am calm then and make 64 bits of the piece which they give me.

Yesterday I got many claps and surprised looks because I stood up holding the sofa. Actually no one noticed the other times I was practicing on people, bed, shelf, door and teddy. Haha.

I do not know when these people are going to take me back home. My sleep times have changed. I am feeling sleepy now. Ok tatatatatata


10 thoughts on “Guest post by Moo – 2

  1. My Dear Moo,

    The sarees are not that tasty, so try something else and if you find something, let me know too 😉 And yeah the first time you stood up is a big milestone for you. Kudos on all the practice and did I tell you, how adorable you looked in that pic your mommy posted? Keep writing, we love you 🙂

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