Order order

My old and older workplace had similar bunch of people. They could never choose what to eat quickly. During each and every office dinner, half an hour would be wasted in deciding what to order. In that time, I would lose complete interest in eating as I would be on a deadline to reach home early. By the time the starters arrived, I would grab a bite or two and be on my way. I would later hear how late the party went on and what variety of food they consumed.

After three such outings in my last company where people used to waste time deciding on the menu, I took up matter in my own hands. As soon as we used to be seated, I used to order the starters and mains. In fact, I used to order for all the vegetarians on the table. 80% of the time, the food I used to order would be tasty. The rest of the times I used to chide that the not-so-good food is the penalty you pay for dilly dallying 😆

Then the ordering of food diversified into snacks and birthday parties too. I was more than happy to order to take that responsibility. Its food after all, the earlier it comes, the happier we are, right 😀

Now when this became an issue for me was when I started rattling off what to eat seeing the menu at a family lunch few days ago. When I put down the menu, all were staring at me. I quietly signaled the waiter to come back and mouthed the words CANCEL.

Total facepalm moment only 😐


19 thoughts on “Order order

  1. Lol. It’s the vice versa for me. I always order food at family lunch or dinner. When it comes to going out with colleagues, I’m so clueless . It’s a new team though and I don’t really know their tastes and likes!

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