I seem to have forgone most of the things in my routine after I became a mom. Top of the list is reading and walking. As of now, I have four half-read books in the shelf, so not me 😐

When I used to work, I walked whenever I could. Now after Moo, all the times she rests ( which is very very less ) I am found catching up with the household chores or some rest for myself.Β And when I step out with her for a walk, oneΒ or the other neighbor will stop us and talk at length making it late for us and we would just do a circle around the house and come inside.

No set routine for cooking, writing, organizing ( trying to) and the other chores. I do them according to the latest status of Moo. But last night, when I was thinking about how different my life has become now, I observedΒ one routine which I diligently follow every single night.

When the house and its inmates finally fall asleep after watching the last mega serial episode available and there is no sound except the dogs barking outside and I am sure Moo is deep asleep and wont wake up for half an hour at least, I quietly make my way to the kitchen, make myself a cup of warm milk and have it in near darkness on the sofa. I think of how calm and peaceful the time is, finish my cuppa, fill my water bottle and make my way back. On some days, even after I am done, I just sit and stare at the night lamp.

I wish this does not stop any time soon!


16 thoughts on “Routine

  1. Trust me, I could have written this post, exactly with same feelings. But I never go out at night and drink a cup of milk because I am scared that some lizard or anything else might pop out from somewhere πŸ˜€. So I don’t get that moment of peace too. *sigh*
    But heres wishing both of us some peaceπŸ˜ƒ

  2. Sigh! I so understand. I have lost all semblance of a routine too, after Bubboo. Nothing has a fixed schedule any more – everything depends on Madame Bubboo and her moods.

    The nightly ritual you mention here sounds so peaceful. Here’s wishing you get those few moments of peace every day for a long, long time. πŸ™‚

  3. “Me” time. NEVER let go of it πŸ™‚ It keeps you sane. As I said, when everyone asked me what I wanted to do one two impromptu days off I took, I said “stare at walls”. I did that and it was very therapeutic. *Hugs* mommy!

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