After the whirlwind trip last weekend, my sole aim was to go for an Internet detox. The marathon had me spend every available minute looking for fodder online and when the month ended, I was like – no more Internet for few days. In these days, I re-organized my bedroom ( yet again), did spring cleaning in general and tried to make the bed every time Moo was done playing on it. It felt good striking off items from the to-do list and suddenly, the non-blogging phase transformed to more free time at hand.

There areΒ loads of clothes which will not fit me anytime soon and I have stacked and packed them up in the loft. Some pieces I had to think twice before putting them away, it is just so hard to let go of perfectly fine clothes just because they do not fit, sigh.

The pen-pal post I did in the marathon? I am going to write to all of you who signed up πŸ™‚ I so wanted to start writing immediately, but getting ideas for the posts and putting them together consumed most of the time.

This month has one house warming function, anniversary, two birthdays, passport office visitsΒ andΒ Moo’s vaccinations, Quite jam packed!


14 thoughts on “Detox

  1. I am waiting for your e-mail πŸ˜‰ February is busy for us too.. we just had our anniversary yesterday and we will be having a housewarming soon…. but amidst all this find time to write to me okay? πŸ˜›

  2. Phew, that’s quite some month you have ahead! And yeah I am eagerly waiting for the writing mails to you.

    And making the bed everytime Moo plays on it? What, you do it like 10 times a day? :O

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