Sister love

There are many instances which I forget to record here, just out of laziness to open the laptop and type it. Most of it concerns about the girls in our lives.The niece and Moo.

So what happened was during our residential society’s annual get-together function, there was this event planned where girls between ages 6 and 10 were dancing to a Bollywood song. They had been practicing the dance steps for over a week and I would take Moo to the dance area whenever it was possible. She loved listening to the songs and ‘dancing’ with the girls 🙂 Just before their group name was to be announced on stage as the next performers, Zack took Moo to see her akka and wish her good luck. Moo was so excited to see Ri in a shiny shimmery dress that she immediately jumped on her to attack those sequins ( and eat them). One of the nine year olds immediately squealed, “Oh no, so much of drool…why is this baby drooling so much…she is wetting the frock so much”. To which my smart ass niece replied, “Even you drooled like this when you were this young like Moo is, no need to say eww”. I was not there to witness this historic exchange, but hearing Zack recount this to the family back home makes me wonder when did our seven year old grow up this mature 🙂 🙂


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