The old and the new

The alarm. The mad rush. Cooking. Eating. Getting ready. Being on time. Trying to br on time. Meetings. Thinking. Over thinking. Worrying. Working. New people. New faces. New place. Feeling young. Feeling old. Getting into the groove.


The crowd. The pollution. The familiar sounds. The mad rush when the bus arrives. The jostle. The push. The clinking of coins. The search for the exact change. The traffic. The lights. The walk back to home. The changed shops. The new shops. The neighbourhood sights and smells at twilight.

I am back to savouring them all. I am back to my old routine. I am back at a 9 to 6 job.

The only change is now I along with everybody else, a tiny new face greets me with a huge grin. Off she runs with her little legs carrying her as fast as she can as I try to get hold of her.

Life is good.