The perfect happiness

Second to a well fermented idli batter, the perfectly set creamy yogurt gives me the perfect happiness in the domestic department. How things change as one grows older, sigh!

Anyhow, the intent of this post today is to share the kickass fail proof recipe I have to make the creamiest of yummy tasting yogurt.

Please allow me for short flashback. Since we moved overseas, finding Indian style yogurt meant making a trip to the far flung Indian grocery store or picking up the Greek Style plain yogurt in the local grocery aisle. Also, they were expensive. Once we chose proximity over effort, we gradually fell in love with the taste of the Greek yogurt. Having the tub of yogurt in the fridge became the new norm. But then I kept on buying and throwing away the empty tubs on an alarming rate. So one fine day I tried to set the yogurt at home the same way we have been doing for ages.

Round 1 – Flop show.

When my parents arrived to visit last summer, they took it as a challenge. Such hot weather and how can the yogurt not set?

Round 2 – Flop show again.

In-laws arrived after my parents. Same challenge taken, same scenario and I already knew the outcome.

Round 3 – Flop show the third time.

I decided it is back to buying the tubs weekly and continued for about half a year. Then a chance reading of a Facebook post had people list the various methods of making yogurt in cold countries. I browsed through and found one which sounded silly at first. But gave it a try because it was vouched for by many in the comments section. To my utter surprise and delight I was staring at the most perfect yogurt I had ever made. And I follow the same recipe to the T till date.

And the best part? It does not even need a starter or culture šŸ™‚

What worked for me –

Boil and cool down full cream milk till it is slightly hot, but not too hot that you cannot keep a finger in for more than 3 seconds. Now transfer the milk into a nice wide stainless steel vessel which has a lid to cover it. Once the milk is ready to begin its journey in its new abode, put one red chilly inside it. The most importantĀ part here is that the red chilly should have its stem intact. That is where the lactobacillusĀ resides. Give it a stir, close the vessel and put it out in the sun. If the sun is not too hot or if it is winters where you hardly get sun, preheat the oven for 15 minutes, wait for ten minutes once the timer runs and put the vessel in. The yogurt should be set after 7-8 hours. I usually do it overnight.

Try if you can/want/wish and let me know how it turned out?



…..and I got it!

All you wonderful readers out there, whoever sent best wishes my way I pray to God every wish of yours is fulfilled. I got the job which is perfect for me in every which way.

It gives me time enough not to have mornings filled with rush. I get to drop Moo to school by walk and then catch the train to work. I get to avoid the evening rush hour because I start late. The new role is completely autonomous, which is a refreshing change from my previous role.

Thank you God. Thank you Universe.


Whats up

So I had been looking for a job since a month and to my luck, I could hardly find any job postings for my experience. When I was contemplating to quit my old job, I was getting messages from recruiters day in and day out in LinkedIn – I thought the market is very good for my domain and I should be able to land a job easily once I want to get back. But boy was I wrong.

I had three rounds of interview with a company and the final meeting with the CEO only to receive an email two days later stating they feel I am over-qualified for the role. I believe the reason the rejected me was I agree with their business model. The CEO asked me if I used their software product and checked it out before coming for the interview and I said I did not like the way it has been designed – it is bad user experience.

After attending the initial screenings with three other companies, I was getting stressed out that I am not able to land any role. I did something completely different and unrelated to take my mind off. I started a walking routine. Every day 5km. It did wonders. Fresh air and brisk walk is the most underrated mood uplifter. I started looking at things in a positive way – better opportunities will come in future.

Yesterday I heard back from a company I had interviewed with some time ago. They said they are happy to go ahead with my profile and set up the second round of interview.


Wish me luck that I get this role! It ticked most boxes on what I am looking for in my new job šŸ˜Ž