Live from the one with a stuffy nose

Happy Friday folks!

How was this week?

The weather determined the roads and trains and people’s moods for this week.

One day it would be so chilly you would chatter when you talk,

Next day would be so wet you would chatter when you talk because there was no forecast of rain and all got wet.

The day later people would be wondering where to hang the heavy jackets they wore to work because it is so SUNNY now.

Girls in my office discuss whether it is skirt weather or jeans weather.

The onset of cold is upon me because of this maniac weather.

Kid has two weeks term break – Moo lots of activities planned with me since she has categorically stated that she is not interested in any kind of vacation camp – not sure who will be laughing or crying by the end of this break.

Have I told you about the beauty that is the house inspection in rental apartments in Sydney? We have one next week – so the coming blog post will detail everything about it, watch out.

So I have been having lots and lots of thoughts and discussions ( with myself ) about one very important thing – in two minds whether to post it here (since it is personal but sure many people have same question ) or keep it inside me ( as usual ). Since the only readers are you and me, please answer?

Have a happy week ahead, I am going to the kitchen to have pizza. Who orders pizza at 4 on a Friday evening? My HR at work. Tata.