The weekend has ended

And so has the blogathan

Whom will I read everyday

Now that another one is eleven months away

So many have stopped reading

Many others have stopped writing

Some have said Hi to Instagram and Twitter

Others have said Bye to the virtual world

The handful of you who come here

To listen to my rants and ramblings far and near

You bring me joy, you give me a smile

Thank you for tagging along every mile

Of some soul searching

I read this on Instagram today. I didn’t get it the first time but read a couple of times to understand what they are trying to say.

Isn’t it profound?

But this got me thinking the other way. Is my sadness in the hands of others? If I am responsible for my happiness should I also be responsible for my sadness 🧐

Many many number of times I have been largely dependent on Zack for my emotions. He just has to say one thing and my bubble of happiness will be burst and I will start feeling low. His thoughts mirrors my moods. I have questioned myself many a times that why does my mood depend on his mood. Shouldn’t it be independent?

What are your thoughts 🙂

On perceptions

Few events in the week gone by haven’t been good on our mental health. Zack is more affected than. We have two littles to take care of so we don’t let both of us go into a shell commiserating on what happened. But when we get time we end up speaking our mind out in a language not understood by Moo ( yet ). I never sugarcoat or divert her attention when she asks adult questions. Like for example she knows how breastmilk is made and how Boo feeds amma to fill her tummy with milk 😄

The reason we don’t include her in ‘other language conversations is because I don’t want her to get any kind of perception regarding the event or person. Like in a recent case a close friend and his wife caused much heart ache by an action. Now Moo is very fond of their daughter and they gel with each other really well. When Zack and I want to talk about our feelings we want to be honest about what we feel and let it all out. But we don’t want Moo to think of them as wrong doers. Because mistakes happen. If she perceives them as people who make her parents sad she carries it to her heart and maintains a distance with everyone/ everything related to them. We want to keep her thoughts and feelings regarding somebody completely exclusive to ours.

This is not to disregard her feelings on what she thinks when she meets our friends or any adult really. One of my favourite things to talk about with her is what-do-you-think-about-this-person and believe it or not, little miss 6’s perception about people can rival anyone. She is accurate 95% of the times. But she takes my word to heart and goes against her judgement which is what I am working against.

Friends are silly and close friends are sillier gooses who need a good whack sometimes😉