Never did I ever – iso version

What new things did you end up doing during the isolation which you had never done before? Here is my list 

  • Baked and decorated a birthday cake
  • Made falafel, tahini and hummus 
  • Changed door locks 
  • Did makeup on kid for her dance performance 
  • Listed stuff online for donation 
  • Set up Zoom for kid to talk to her friends 
  • Ordered fresh produce online
  • Sat with kid for each of her online dance class ( there were 10 in all )
  • Packed away our formal wear in a storage box ( it is still unopened )
  • Made vegetable and cheese puffs from store bought pastry sheets
  • Found the perfect green chutney recipe for sandwich 

I would love to read your list πŸ™‚ 

20 thoughts on “Never did I ever – iso version

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