What to-do list

Sunday night and the week is starting tomorrow and there are still so many pending chores. I make all this to-do lists in my mind that would help me pass the week without much effort but I get hardly any of the things fully done. Instead of writing them down on a notepad and laughing at myself when I see them unfinished I have decided to make the list in mind itself. Not having a visual representation makes me feel better <I live for cheap thrills>

Also I see that my mind is not focusing on one task these days. I want to keep away Moo’s clothes inside her cupboard when I find the shelf needs a wipe down. I go to the kitchen to find a wipe when I see I haven’t kept the yogurt back into the fridge. I open fridge to keep the yogurt back when I see I haven’t plucked the methi leaves and chucked the whole bunch in from yesterday’s grocery shopping. I take it out to lay it on the kitchen platform when I find Boo has had fun with one of the cupboards and all contents are strewn around. I don’t want to pick them up now but I hear Zack doing the vacuum so I might as well pick it up so that the kitchen floor is easy to clean. Do you remember what I was originally meant to be doing? I don’t and that’s how none of the chores ever get done fully.

I soaked the ingredients for grinding dosa batter tomorrow morning. And it was not in my list. My mental to-do list is also a to-throw list 😩

Admiration Series – 3

I absolutely admire the people who have and keep their bedsheets tucked in all day long.

I grew up in a one bedroom house with my parents and brother till I was 15. The bedroom was where we all slept, I used to do my homework, study and play. Living room would be used to entertain guests and eat. The bed in the bedroom would be filled with toys, books, papers, color pencils and all the things associated with school going kids. It would never be ‘made up’ as in tucked and looking neat. If nothing there would always be a pile of clothes to be folded. So when we visited neighbours or when I went to play with the colony kids and I happen to see the beds made nicely it would fill me with admiration.

When I got a room of my own I was starting out higher secondary. I did get a table and chair but 90% of the time I would be sprawled on the bed reading or writing. And the bedsheet would be wrinkled and crumpled within ten minutes from when I would start to warm the bed.

Later after marriage when I started visiting relatives and friends houses I got the quintessential home tour as a new member of the family my admiration of the tucked in beds deepened. Not a crease here, neither a fold going awry there. So perfect as if it’s blended to the mattress. Zack won’t even care if there was no bedsheet so I was not inspired to even try making the bed every day. I would fold the blanket and tuck the corners and leave for work. Evening the kids in the family would have had all kinds of play so the bed is undone. Come night we would be so tired that it would be a direct crash.

Moving abroad brought no change. Except the corner of the bed started having to-fold-laundry and a just-worn-not-yet-to-wash pile. I would simply sweep everything down and sleep each night. Few months later found fitted sheets being sold in the Home Depot store. Thinking I finally found the trick to neat beds bought one and laid it on that night. It looked taut and crisp. One wash and a week later I could feel it getting crumpled every time I sat and got up.

I stopped getting bothered and started admiring the ones who have nice looking beds and life goes on.

Who did it, oh me!

What are the things that you do subconsciously? Most of the time I don’t even know I have done it and I am already onto the next task 😆

Here is my list –

1. Wipe my glasses as soon as I enter the kitchen every morning.

2. Check Google news when I open my laptop.

3. Chuck any ID or bank card I see into my phone wallet, where I usually store everything.

4. Write the date on my notepad whenever I attend any meeting be it online or offline.

5. My office building has a staircase lined with bushes on either side. Once you enter there are left and right entryways with the Center wall having a welcome signage. I enter from the right side all the time.

6. Fold grocery store receipt into my purse.

7. Keep the book I am reading face down.

8. Check letterbox before entering home.

9. Sniff baby Boo’s bottom to know if diaper needs a change 🤣

Take this up as a tag and let me know! Would love to read your actions.