On languages

It has been that kind of day where you worked hard, your body is tired and mind is happy. Mental peace is a real thing you guys!

This blogging is such a wonderful feeling in these days of instant gratification. Feels like writing those inland blue post letters to and fro ❤️ I love it when someone comments on my posts. I love it even more when I get a reply if I leave a comment in your blog. Thank you for spending your mind space with me and me alone for 1-2-3 minutes ☺️

Pepper wrote about a wonderful topic recently which is close to my heart. Language(s). I have spoken of my background here. Zack speaks four languages and I speak the same as him and three more. There have been many instances where people have assumed I won’t know Hindi judging by my appearance and continued to gossip in public places. At home we speak Telugu. It’s not the authentic dialect since both of us never lived anywhere in AP but we are getting better. Zack and I switch to Tamil if we want to keep Moo out of the discussion. But the clever cat she is, she picked up the words quickly and now we resort to Kannada. We have a Sikh family friend from who live nearby and from them Zack and Moo learnt many Hindi words. Moo’s favourite Hindi words so far are ‘paani piyo’ and the Hindi numbers – she learnt it from the ‘Ek do teen’ song 🤣 She has been practising writing her name in Hindi script and shows it off to her grandma who doesn’t know to read Hindi 😅

She has picked up Telugu well enough to hold her conversation with a Telugu couple who come visit often. And I have been telling her to speak to Boo in Telugu. She remembers this but 99.9% of the time forgets it with us. I will always get a reply or a question from her in English. With Zack I have to keep nudging him to switch to Telugu when Moo is with him. I know why I took the onus of constantly reminding her to keep using whatever Telugu words she knows even if she kept saying Amma it’s difficult for me to say a full sentence.

She asked me in an angry outburst once. I said it’s our language. But we can talk in English too, she said. Everyone talks only in English.

Yes baby, but I want us to speak in our language. You can call it a secret language. So that I can shout across your school gate that don’t lose your water bottle and empty your lunch box and no one will understand.

15 thoughts on “On languages

  1. Visha.. i have a question 🤪.. how do you say “Don’t forget the bottle” without mentioning the word bottle? I know there’s a word for bottle, “seesa or neela seesa” bit do we really use it anymore! 😁.. sad but English does dominate our language a lot.

    • Haha..I scream out ‘don’t forget to drink water’ 🤣 I agree English dominates a lot..many times Moo asks me what’s the meaning of so and so word and I can’t find the equivalent immediately

  2. I speak 4 languages fluently too and 2 more not so fluently. I would ideally like my kids to speak 4 languages too, but they would be different from the ones I speak. I want them to learn English, Hindi, Tamil and Spanish. At the end of the day, they may develop fluency only in English. We’ll see, I won’t grieve much if that happens, but will continue putting in the effort from our end.

  3. I speak to kids mostly in Tamil, made a conscious effort during pandemic times and its paying off ver well. I see LHB totally understand what I say in Tamil though the response comes in English…

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