Quarter talks

And the first quarter of 2021 ends. The date is reminiscent as the last date to file taxes when we were working in India 🙂 How did the first three months of the new year treat you? I mentally stayed in January till the first few weeks of March. So much so, when anyone asked me how old is Boo I would keep saying 9 months for many weeks. My mind’s calendar wiped out February/ March.

It’s repetitive to keep saying ‘I don’t know where the time went’. The days and months and years are flying past crazily. I remember my summer vacations more vividly in the 2000s rather than the 2010s. The only difference I can see is the emergence and growing usage of social media in the recent years. At least the throwbacks with photos and videos can make us feel connected with the near past.

If I have to recollect about the past quarter, I would go by the best and worst in each month.


January – Great summer as a family in the new home.

February – Restart working part time + Boo’s tonsure ceremony

March – Mindfulness


January – Severe headaches

February – Cold War with Zack

March – Boo’s teething pains

While I am noting down things about the months gone by, I think I will try and pen down what I want or wish in the next quarter.

1. Up the water intake.

2. Create weekly meal plan and follow it.

3. Research about wall decor.

4. Make any chaat once a month.

5. Teach Moo how to ride a bicycle.

On an unrelated note, since tomorrow is April 1, anyone remember the joy and thrill of pulling off an April Fools day joke as kids? Share if you can recollect pretty please 🙃

Paani paani re

I want to share a something I experimented today which ended up being funny, I’ll tell you how. So remember yesterday how I rambled about not being able to do the many things in a day? I picked up the least harmful looking task from the list. And proceeded to fulfil it come hell or high water. Err..it is about water. You see, today I decided I will drink 3L of water.

I ditched all the other good looking water bottles in the kitchen and picked up a 600ml plastic bottle and filled it with water at 7am. Why am I having a plastic recyclable bottle on my counter top I have no idea. Any how, I drank it all in one go and refilled it and kept right in front of me while I got about with the day’s cooking. One turn and I feel water sloshing in my tummy. A second turn and I can hear it. Instead of listening to the water I focus on chopping onions.

I drank four times from the bottle by 3pm and more than twice the amount of times went for a loo break. I woke up Boo during her afternoon nap by regular flushing of the toilet 😂. I had a two hour long work call at 3:30 so deliberately skipped drinking water. By 5:30pm mum duties peaked up and in the hullabaloo of running to the grocery to get milk and shop ahead of long weekend I simply forgot to drink from the bottle one more time. Would have made it to the 3L mark then.

But I think this much of water intake at a regular day to day life is directly proportional to the proximity of the loo. If travelling to the city where from home to office it’s 75 minutes, I would need diapers. Or I have an impossibly tiny bladder than normal humans 🤷‍♀️

Anyways, planning to keep up the 3L water intake tomorrow and day after. We have the Easter long weekend coming up which will entail long drives so not too ambitious I will be able to put up any farther 😄

On my mind

Some days I end up thinking existential stuff like if what I do is good enough? As a wife and mother. For my own self. I have a checklist in my mind with regards to baby Boo and Moo but I see only few of them ticked off. And hardly any if it comes to personal care. Where am I lacking? Yesterday so many things went wrong that I went down the rabbit hole of blaming myself with ‘if only’. Mind says a reset is needed. Heart says this is the effect of one day going wrong.

What are the things I want to do in a day?


Drink 3l of water.

Go for a walk.

Read to the kids.

Tidy up living areas.

Oil and comb my hair.

Cook healthy instead of shortcuts.

Tidy kids play area.

Follow a skin care routine before bed.

I end up doing zero exercise, no tangible water intake, walk for 10 minutes, no tidying up at all, no oiling/combing and taking care of skin and I cook once in the morning for the day with every imaginable shortcut and hardly any special baby food. Boo eats thawed frozen veggies thrice a week 🤭, I follow BLW and she hasn’t yet taken into eating all the family foods and her intake is dismal. I mean her akka used to eat a bowl full of dal rice at her age when fed and this one runs away happily after picking what she can fit in her palm once or twice. I know no two babies are same but rationality is taking a backseat. Moo is getting independent in many aspects but I feel I am not giving her attention off late. She is growing up too fast too soon. Pretty sure all these thoughts are passing clouds and I will get my head out of them soon, but while they are there they make me question everything 🤷‍♀️