Library visit

I thought it would be a good idea to take the kids to the library this afternoon. Boo loves being out of the house and after her vaccination shots earlier this week I thought it would cheer her up. I got the girls ready once Moo came from school and set off with some snacks and water. In high hopes that I get some free time to read of my own. Or browse around.

What happened was exactly opposite of what I envisaged in my mind. Boo went berserk. She hasn’t been to a library before and started pulling off all the books within her reach in the children’s section. Peeling her away from there I took her to the young reader’s area where Moo was browsing. Boo won’t let Moo look around the books in peace, keeping her foot on top of her sister’s and ‘suggesting’ books to read. I took her away and plonked open a giant picture book for her to see but she only had eyes for her akka and sped to her.

Moo chose four books and we quickly left the building. I don’t know why or how did I get the idea of taking Boo to the library of all places. My subconscious mind needs servicing.

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