Observations today


That’s the word kids say instead of Sorry in school these days. Moo taught me. Classic example of things I want my kid at school to learn vs things my kid actually picks up at school.


I spent 8 hours alone today working from home. Zack was at work, Moo at school and then after school care and baby Boo at childcare. It felt weird to have the house all to myself without any needing or shouting for me. And weirder to have lunch alone. I am usually very comfortable doing things on my own but I guess constant presence of a fellow human has robbed me of that comfort. I finished my lunch watching movie trailers on my laptop and got back to work.


I never try reusing anything I cooked earlier in a different recipe. But that never can’t be used ever again. I remade toasted paneer into paneer cutlets. I want to try making falafel from leftover chana masala now.


The cold is starting to get to my feet. I have to start wearing woollen socks because the house slippers are not keeping me warm enough. I am on my feet early in the morning when it is freezing. In the list of (many) renovations our home needs, first is the necessity of adding a heater to the bathroom.

6 thoughts on “Observations today

  1. Will it too clichéd if I say that I can relate to most of these circumstances!!
    My husband has started going in to office for 2-3 times in a week now and I am going for 1 day in a week. The first time he went in, the house was so empty with both kids at school and me alone at home. It was the first time I was being alone in more than a year, felt strange initially but then I started enjoying those quiet days, when loads of work gets done and I put my leg up on the couch and take lunch breaks.
    And regarding the chill, same here. Melbourne has been bitterly cold these days in the morning. We did get a heater in the bathroom last weekend thankfully and its a life saver. Highly recommend you to do it!

  2. haha soz glad to learn the kids lingo and pretty cool. Working 8 hours at home can be quite an achievement and been working from home for a long time. Hope you are fine and keeping safe.

  3. Soz? Wow, that’s a new word!

    And yes, please get those woolly socks. I even get woollen house slippers which I wear over the socks. I am cold all the time and hate it. I hope you stay warm.

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