The manila folder

After writing the December letter last night, I went through the earlier eleven letters again. I feel happy to say that the year was a mixed bag, neither absolutely good nor absolutely bad. I have some resolutions, but then again, I could have started it last year itself. There is no need of a new year to start of something, right? Laziness and plain tiredness are the sole cause of my never-get-to-see-the-start resolutions ­čśą

I am linking all the letters here so that it is easier for me to give a full-blown unending torture to Zack, when the time finally arrives that he becomes free from his project at work and gets to read them.

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On an unrelated note, I had a big, bad fight with him yesterday ­čśÉ

Smita says, “Your year would be a reflection of the first day of the year“, taking that into consideration, I wish I do not turn violent with him in 2013 :mrgreen:

Doughnut December

Dear Hubby,

The very first day saw us cancel our scheduled trip to Tirupati due to an unscheduled event. We welcomed another member to our family on the first day of this month. I must admit, I have held 3 or 4 day old babies, but never had I held a 4 hour old baby. Imagine how delirious I must have been when the bright red lips parted to give me a tiny smile. Sometimes, certain circumstances change the course of our actions completely ­čÖé

Immediately after we returned, you fell sick, too sick. Your fever never came down even after 2 days and that is when I was thinking of cancelling my tickets, since all the ladies of the family were tending to the newborn faraway. Thankfully, just before the night I was supposed to depart your fever came down and even your voice was back to normal. I actually attribute to the fact that seeing the wife go away for a week would make any ill man all right.

As I had felt last June, this time too, when I returned, I felt you looked different. I think after 10 hours I felt you are a person whom I have been living since almost two years. Thank you for such a lovely dinner, I was ravenously hungry and so I finished your bowl of rice too. Pity you had to wait for a bit long after you made the second order.

The last week of December is always special, this year it was all the more special since my brother visited me for the first time. Your sister and niece followed soon after and every day was spent deciding what to do, what to eat and of course, where to go.

Neither you nor I had any inclination to go out somewhere to party, so unlike last year. It was fun calling up all our relatives when the clock struck 12, shouting to let ourselves get heard over the din which was clearly audible on the phone.

We had a good December. Wish India had a good December too ­čśÉ


Novel November

Dear Hubby,

The first week of November saw us doing the Diwali purchases. I admire your patience in taking me to various places to do my sari shopping. But your absolute disinterest ‘while’ I shop is somewhat strange. But seriously, you have to agree, I am way, way better than the women in your family who spend almost half the day in one shop itself. I guess your disinterest stems from waiting endlessly during one such shopping trip during your bachelor days ­čść

Last year, we celebrated Diwali at my parent’s place. This being my first here, I wanted to do it prim and proper. I hereby promise that I will never ever say these words in future. My back was totally broken by the end of the day. I loved how you served me my lunch at 4. I loved you even more when you saved some crackers for me which I delightfully lighted at 10. But honestly, I am planning to run off to some place in the coming years.

This was the first time I did something on impulse – booking tickets for my own annual vacation. Before I could change my mind, in less than 3 minutes, I was staring at my confirmation sms. I so wanted to go home in the last week of December, but since it was clashing with your sisters visit, I preponed the trip by a couple of weeks.

November was a breeze, I could not comprehend that it got over so soon. Just when I had finished the sweets made during Diwali, came another occasion to make a new batch of new goodies ­čÖé