Admiration series – 2

I admire people who are always look presentable. Yes, such kinds exist. Not a hair out of place and clothes always neat. Always.

I am usually in ‘home’ clothes unless someone is visiting or I have to be outdoors. And home clothes means my old, tattered pyjamas usually paired with older baggy tshirts. The kind of clothes which get softer and softer with every wash and you don’t care if it’s faded or jaded but it feels oh so comfortable like a warm hug – those are my jam. Add to that a nest on my head or a mom bun and I always have to go get ready when I have to step out. Wearing clean and fit clothes with combed hair for a whole day with a baby seems doable if one has a unicorn baby which I don’t. I think back of earlier times before Boo and then it struck how I never was home to notice the presentable ones in the first place. My work wear is nothing to write home about. I wish I could put together a chic look but with non existent hair and makeup skills I am content with how I look.

So yeah, people who look put together even after a whole day of work at home or office, you have my whole hearted admiration ❤️

The Admiration series – 1

There are so many things I admire that I decided to do a series on it. It is mostly me speaking to them/ it/ her/ him/ you get the drift. Let’s go.

First up..I admire people who make small talk.

Whatay talent these people have ya!! No matter what place, occasion, time, dress they can go Hiiii with a bright smile and start chatting about anything under the sun. How do they know the perfect opening line? The correctly placed timing of the exclamations and laughs. The utter confidence with which they hold the audience’s ( be it 2 or 20 ) attention even if they all met just five minutes ago.

So much to learn from these folks! I wish I had some of their capabilities. If I can’t find any known face in a crowd I simply whip my phone out and start browsing. Walking up to someone and striking up a conversation I can do only if I am protagonist of a story I tell to Moo. First of all I won’t know whom to approach to do small talk 😂.

I remember meeting an accounts manager in my first company in Sydney. She had been hired as a part time temporary employee. Within two minutes of her saying hello to me I knew so much about her I can write a whole blog post. It comes so naturally for some to be so transparent to strangers.

I do small smile instead of small talk. In the school when I do the pickups and drop I smile at strangers if I make eye contact with them. Personally that itself is a huge step for me 🙃