Pretend games

The girls each have their own little games they like to play with me now. It will change every year they grow and all I can do it live and relive. I can reinvent the wheel with Boo but for Moo I have to think of new ones to keep her interested. There are phases and seasons of Moo’s life which sometimes are crystal clear but are muddled and blank the other times.

For as long as I can remember Moo has loved pretend play. Her most favourite is role playing shop keeper and I will be the customer. When she was little we had got her a mini trolley she could push around easily. I still have it, don’t have the heart to throw it out. She once filled her mini trolley with real fruits and vegetables, carefully opening the fridge and loading what she liked and going around the house selling it to ‘people’. She must have been 4 then. ‘You want to eat apple? Eat apple, it is sweet’, she would give the apple to me and proceed to ‘sell’ an onion to her dad. She turns 7 next month and now has upped the role play level. She creates a set up having a ‘laptop’ to scan and print the receipt, a conveyer belt to keep the shopping moving, a price tag for each item and the best of all – a loyalty card giving $10 off if I come to her shop again. Some days her shop becomes a restaurant and some days it’s a ice cream selling day. But the role of a shopkeeper doesn’t change. It’s interesting to observe her mind evolve as she grows up, to inculcate whatever she learns from our experiences at the groceries and other shopping areas. Me being me, I try to put in math in her play and ask her to add up my order 😂

I don’t know how long she will keep up with this role play, already she has some school approved apps for learning English and Math which she enjoys and spends good time on the laptop for it. I should secretly record at least before she outgrows her own games. And I can’t wait for her to be as exasperated as her dad when Boo starts pretend playing 😆

Before the long weekend starts

This is the first time we have no proper plans for Easter long weekend. It will be make as you go for each of the four days. One of the days it is going to be quite sunny so we might travel to the beach. Or I was also thinking of taking the train on the weekend to the city. Baby Boo has never been or seen a train so it should be an interesting experience for us to see her react to all the new things for her. No matter how many options I lay out, Zack and Moo will always choose sleeping in late, eating ice cream after lunch, playing music in high volume and snuggling on the couch over any other outdoor stuff. While Boo absolutely loves being outdoors, she has great enjoyment walking around super market aisles, parks, front yard and the mall. It’s hard to keep her in her pram these days. Hoping to find the middle ground to keep all entertained and stay sane 🙃

Today also marked the last day of first school term year for Moo. We celebrated by going out for dinner in a nice little Punjabi restaurant and tried out a variety of paneer and chhap dishes. She amazed me with having spicy achari paneer tikka and asking for more – her desi taste buds are showing up 😂 And for treat we got her black forrest pastry from a Lebanese dessert shop who were just about to close for the day. She had never eaten it before and Zack had it after ages. It brought back memories of simpler times when kids birthdays meant ordering a Black Forest cake.. 90s kids would know 🙃

We now have a two week holiday and my patience is going to be tested like anything. Because hearing ‘Amma’ every minute of being awake is going to be the norm in my little world.

On how Moo handles issues

Post dinner Moo and I have our us-time everyday. We bring out two baskets of toys for Boo so that she doesn’t disturb us while Zack winds up everything in the kitchen. Tonight we had a conversation which made me think what a fine young girl she is turning out to be 🙂

A bit of a background – This has been a new school as well as a new year for Moo so she doesn’t know a single student in the whole school. Her old school she was friends with every third kid. And she is the only brown kid in her current class of 20 white kids.

Me: So how is time at school Moo, are you enjoying your break times?

Moo: Yes Amma, I walk around the school after lunch and know most of the areas now. My favourite is the monkey bars in the play area and the big green playground. I walk around it seven times you know.

Me: Wow! 7 times is a very big. But that won’t leave you anytime to play with anyone.

Moo: My classmates do not want me to play with them Amma. When I ask them can I please join you they behave as if they have seen a ghost and say No in a loud voice.

Me: That is not the right behaviour. Did you let your teacher know? You shouldn’t accept any words or talks that make you feel uncomfortable and let the teacher know immediately.

Moo: My teacher tells everyday just before the lunch break that everyone should include the new students of the school in their games but they don’t it. Today my teacher asked a group of girls to include me in their game but you know Amma they were holding hands and walking together in the playground and didn’t even notice I am behind them. I walked behind them the whole time and they didn’t care.

Me: That must have been so sad. Do you want me to speak to your teacher?

Moo: No Amma, it’s ok, I love walking around and knowing more about the school. It is a very big school and I feel alone but I am pretty sure I will make friends soon. Till then I will take a book to read during lunch breaks.

Me: Are you sure Moo? Amma wants you to be happy at school and you have to share if it gets too lonely for you. I will come talk to your teacher.

Moo: Ammmaaaaa…I dont want you to talk to my teacher. What are you going to say? That the new girl in school has no friends? It will take time Amma…I am happy Amma..

I was still not convinced and mentally had already written to the principal and teacher on the injustice and exclusion and what not when I saw her playing with her little sister laughing boisterously. I tell myself that it’s only a week in and I am trying to control this aspect of her life when she herself has the confidence to face it. My dear Moo, so proud of you 😘