Desi romance

“Why is your smartphone looking so dull?’
“I installed an app so that the screen brightness can be reduced”
“But why, it looks as if the phone is dying slowly”
“I do not want to disturb your sleep with the phone’s light”

Such incidents squash my laments consisting of why I am never showered with gifts, surprises, dates, impromptu trips, cards, mush…etc…etc….etc…


Different kinds of patakhas

One favourite pastime of mine whenever we are in a public place is to check out girls for the guys in the family, Zack included 😛

Don’t ask me why, it gives me some sadistic pleasure to see the boy going all red :mrgreen:

Saturday evening we attended a wedding reception of a distant relative. Needless to say, all the girls were dressed up like patakhas.

V: That girl – the one in yellow saree  looks gorgeous isn’t it


Z: Oh yeah

Now I have a modus operandi – If he disagrees to me, I will look for some other beauty. If he does agree to me, I will start nagging which goes on for one full minute. And how do I put him in spot? “Zack, you should have been patient. Why did you agree to marry me, see, I am not even half as pretty as she, you two would have made such a good pair.” etc, etc..

Really, you think I should have settled for her instead of you?

You could, she is not bad

What to do..its all fate and destiny…whats done cannot be undone

Ahh..going all philosophical eh

Naah…and by the way…one nutcase like you is enough for this lifetime, why to even try another one.

P.S  All my rocking and sizzling patakhas and laddoos…wish you a very very happy and safe Diwali 🙂

P.P.S Too much of sweet overdose is happening at home. Already made 4 sweets and 2 more to go. Please suggest some savouries and spicy snacks – should use less oil 😉