Found on the internet – 1

After having a child, I realized that in the eyes of society mothers can’t:

  • Complain (who told you to have kids?)
  • Cry (why are you crying? Did you think it was easy?)
  • Getting tired of what? (you do nothing!)
  • Sleep (You’re lazy!)
  • Rest (you’ll have plenty of time for that after they grow up)
  • Getting pregnant again (are you crazy? How many more kids do you want?)
  • Quitting work (how will you support your child?)
  • Work (who will take care of the child?)
  • Leave them at the nursery (Don’t let others raise them!!)
  • Being a housewife (Poor husband, works too hard and his wife stays at home!!)
  • Being single (nobody wants a woman with kids)
  • Going out for fun (why are you leaving your son with grandma to have fun?)

And you know whats worse???
90% of these phrases are spoken by other women.

Came across this write up on a Facebook group and my first thought was – isn’t it the same for any person at any stage of life? The society has a comment or a question for anyone from the ages of 0 till however old they are. Why are we such a nosy race 😩

My favourite of the above lot – Getting tired of what? You do nothing!

There cannot be a more incredulous question. 👀

Of childhood realisations

Long long time ago at school I read something about smile in a newspaper article. That when you smile it should reach your eyes, that’s a genuine smile. As soon as I read it I found it silly. How can that even happen? You smile when you make a ‘U’ shape from your lips, isnt that how it is? I kept thinking about it the whole day, checked the meaning of genuine in dictionary and promptly forgot about it the next day.

Few years ago I understood this fact in the form of an epiphany after meeting a recruiter during my job search. I am slow in understanding the worldly ways 🙃

That when the smile is genuine it makes the small crinkles near the eyes.

Nowadays people wear masks everywhere and thus only limited facial real estate is displayed to the world. So you can easily find out the type of smile being directed at you.

I was the recipient of this beautiful and hearty smile today when I went to the school to pick up Moo’s uniform. They have these fitting sessions where we can book in a time to see the perfect fit from the pool of readymade clothes of different sizes. Once we were done we got handed over the set of clothes and bade good luck for the new year from the assistant with the heartiest of smiles. And it was reflecting from us because when we left the room we bestowed it upon the next parent and child waiting behind us, to their surprise, wait what..yes you can read eyes if you are a little observant..the masking times we live in..sigh…