Work chronicles – 2

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For brevity let’s call the Head of Research as HR. I fully intended to make him answer me on this. I start work three hours before the rest of the team joins in. I left a message to the HR over our organisation instant messaging tool saying ‘This sounds like a business call, am I required?’ Much like how you answered Tharani 😉

I knew I threw him off the guard because he saw my message and took a solid one hour to reply. He usually gives instant replies. He replied something akin to completely up to you, you are more than welcome to attend the meeting..I agree it’s a business call. I said I attend for the initial 10 minutes and then drop off. During the team meeting two hours later he went ahead and sent an invite to everyone to join the vendor meeting calling out me and another colleague in particular.

Now what happened in the video call meeting is interesting. People were joining from five different time zones. Since I was just listening in I left when I saw no one present when I dialled in. 9 minutes later I see a text from the HR – ‘Still thinking of joining or having some network issues?’ I dialled in to understand I made everyone wait 😳

Apparently the sales director from the vendor company won’t start the meeting until I joined. And proceeded to have a one on one conversation with me for five minutes explaining why and how the request I raised with the support team reached him. I was wondering if he forgot the agenda of the meeting when the reminder came from the HR to start talking about business 😂.

Work chronicles

I would like to share an incident that happened at work a couple of days ago.

I was assigned a task to estimate how much time would be needed to upgrade a software. I studied the documentation and contacted the customer support of the vendor whose product we use extensively in the development. Apparently we had been using an outdated version and there was a new one which we should be using. The customer support guy escalated it to his lead and the sales director set up a meeting with my company sales team and head of research to showcase which products would be better suited to lower the infrastructure costs. When my company head of research was asked in the mail for a suitable time slot he chose to ignore me in the conversation ( I was cc’d alongwith the sales guys) and said a date and time when he was free for the call. Without consulting with me.

The vendor company sales director explicitly mentioned that they are initiating this meeting because of me. And my Head of Research chose to believe I didn’t exist. I got the invite for the meeting from the vendor nonetheless and haven’t responded yet.

What would you do in this situation?