Who did it, oh me!

What are the things that you do subconsciously? Most of the time I don’t even know I have done it and I am already onto the next task 😆

Here is my list –

1. Wipe my glasses as soon as I enter the kitchen every morning.

2. Check Google news when I open my laptop.

3. Chuck any ID or bank card I see into my phone wallet, where I usually store everything.

4. Write the date on my notepad whenever I attend any meeting be it online or offline.

5. My office building has a staircase lined with bushes on either side. Once you enter there are left and right entryways with the Center wall having a welcome signage. I enter from the right side all the time.

6. Fold grocery store receipt into my purse.

7. Keep the book I am reading face down.

8. Check letterbox before entering home.

9. Sniff baby Boo’s bottom to know if diaper needs a change 🤣

Take this up as a tag and let me know! Would love to read your actions.

Visha’s haphazards – 1

Ask and ye shall receive Tharani darling..now go ahead and enjoy!

Bonus – I will make this a series if you get full marks 🤓

1. What are the colours you like but the colours you wear?

2. How many tabs is your phone browser having open right now?

3. Biryani tastes better next day or third?

4. What do you do with a gift that you don’t want or need but who gave is important to you?

5. If you were a fruit what fruit would you be? And why?

6. How do you tell your neighbour to share what they are cooking because it’s so damn delicious but you scolded their child yesterday for breaking your window?

7. If you had to live on a treehouse for two nights what all things will you carry? ( tech devices not allowed )

8. Your hairdresser coloured your hair red instead of brown. What is your comeback when your family sees you.

9. Share one situation which made you laugh uncontrollably in recent memory.

Fellow bloggers and readers and stalkers and marathoners, if you find this tag interesting please take it up and link it to me. I have to mark your answers no 🤓🤣