My two stooges

My heart is so full! My BFF is a mum now 💙💙💙

I got her message just before I was about to sleep last night and I couldn’t sleep for the next hour because of the excitement 😂. She gave me the letters according to the star sign to find a name and I started looking immediately. Just a week ago we were discussing how long we have come from discussing movies and dissing professors to checking which brand of maternity pads is better than the other. As a true friend I broke her bubble of soon-to-be new mum life by telling her highest point of the day would be to check the colour of her baby’s poop and we will be adding that to the discussion topics 😂

And co-incidentally my other BFF called yesterday to get some advise on his new project. Once we got the technical stuff out of the way he asked what I do these days – we haven’t met each other since 9 years and he doesn’t know I have rejoined work part time. I tell him that I am raising the kids working from home and they take majority of my day. He loves to hear about them and talk about his wife’s medical clinic, his two little girls, their home schooling in these times and other family stuff. We always end our talks with sharing some life lessons. The best part is many things happen between this call and the next but with the easy camaraderie we have we simply get the updates of each other’s lives and move on.

The whole day I was having a smile plastered on my face because of these two. Gosh I love them so much.

Admiration Series – 3

I absolutely admire the people who have and keep their bedsheets tucked in all day long.

I grew up in a one bedroom house with my parents and brother till I was 15. The bedroom was where we all slept, I used to do my homework, study and play. Living room would be used to entertain guests and eat. The bed in the bedroom would be filled with toys, books, papers, color pencils and all the things associated with school going kids. It would never be ‘made up’ as in tucked and looking neat. If nothing there would always be a pile of clothes to be folded. So when we visited neighbours or when I went to play with the colony kids and I happen to see the beds made nicely it would fill me with admiration.

When I got a room of my own I was starting out higher secondary. I did get a table and chair but 90% of the time I would be sprawled on the bed reading or writing. And the bedsheet would be wrinkled and crumpled within ten minutes from when I would start to warm the bed.

Later after marriage when I started visiting relatives and friends houses I got the quintessential home tour as a new member of the family my admiration of the tucked in beds deepened. Not a crease here, neither a fold going awry there. So perfect as if it’s blended to the mattress. Zack won’t even care if there was no bedsheet so I was not inspired to even try making the bed every day. I would fold the blanket and tuck the corners and leave for work. Evening the kids in the family would have had all kinds of play so the bed is undone. Come night we would be so tired that it would be a direct crash.

Moving abroad brought no change. Except the corner of the bed started having to-fold-laundry and a just-worn-not-yet-to-wash pile. I would simply sweep everything down and sleep each night. Few months later found fitted sheets being sold in the Home Depot store. Thinking I finally found the trick to neat beds bought one and laid it on that night. It looked taut and crisp. One wash and a week later I could feel it getting crumpled every time I sat and got up.

I stopped getting bothered and started admiring the ones who have nice looking beds and life goes on.

The story..continued

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

“It is not what it looks like”, he said. He met her eyes and saw a flicker of deliberation.

“What do you mean?”, asked Mira shifting through the day’s mail. She had handled five emergency cases in the hospital today and was dead tired to decode Sid’s mysterious words.

“Ashima helped me, that’s all”.

“You were bent on one knee and proposing to her in front of all the interns out there, kindly explain under what category of help does it come?”

Sid could here the storm building up inside her and waited for the explosion. The thunderstorm started again and Mira went to close the windows. When she turned back, she saw Sid in the same posture as she had seen in the morning.

“Is this some kind of joke?”, she asked exasperatedly.

“Not unless you want it to be”. That rogue grin of his which quickened her pulse was back.

“There is a girl whom I love to the moon and back. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. What you saw was just a trial run, or a test, to check how I will fare when the time is right, and the time is now, when the girl I love is in front of me, albeit, staring like a ghost”

Mira was speechless.

“You do not like the ring? I thought you liked emerald. We can change it, no issues, I have the warranty card with me”, Sid blabbered on nervously.

“A stone?”

“Pure and uncut. 18k”, he said proudly.

“Sid, there is a stone staring at me, are you giving me this to scare the pigeons away?”

Bewildered, Sid looked inside the jewelry box he was holding.

* * *

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