Shoe sorry

I must have the worst luck with footwear. I am not comfortable walking in heels so that leaves me just with ballets, sandals and flats. No matter how basic, comfortable and stylish they be, I have to go to the shoe shop again after three months.

95% of the times, they have a tear so bad, I have to throw them away. They simply do not last 😦

I blame it on my walking. I walk through all kinds of roads and weather. My love for the same is not new. Given an option to go the market or the bank on foot, I would gladly do that instead of hopping on a bike. Bangalore is famous for its anytime-anywhere rains, which gives all kinds of terrain trainings to walking enthusiasts. When it rains, you do not know the step you are about to take will be on a firm surface or pothole. And the non-tar roads are such a slushy mess, that navigating through them without messing up your salwars and pants itself is a great achievement. So all the brunt is being borne by the material adorning my feet. And not only Bangalore, even in my hometown, my shoes did not last for more than six months.

Every visit to the shoe shop will have the salesman fawning over the choice I made saying it will be good for all kinds of weather, be in rain or cold. “Madam, full guarantee. Any problem, bring it back, but problem will not come only, superb piece.” The Bata showroom near my place has seen me more times than the temple.

Even though I have to keep on shoe shopping, I do not own more than two pairs. One I use only for special occasions, like weddings and reception. The other one is the variable, never there for more than twelve weeks. That too I have to make sure it is matching with all kinds of attires – western and traditional.

Tired of this Zack once suggested me to get a very high end branded shoes, telling they will last forever. But I do not have the heart to invest three thousand rupees when I know my ill fate would have me needing a pair again. This birthday, brother gifted me with a pair of Adidas sports shoes. Actual implication and underlying meaning of it was to use it to walk and run and lose weight 🙄 I know they will last long, but who wears them with salwars 😦

There are so many pretty and beautiful shoes out there and I wish I had the good fortune to try the awesome styles and designs. I know one shoe lover who has the neatest and prettiest collection ever! May you keep amassing even more and more 😉

I think I should be happy that at least I get my shoe size easily, sigh!


Sometimes I think, if I have married the right guy

Visha and Zack talking in whispers across a sleeping Moo.

* * *

“I could do something you know. As an alternative career option. Not go back to a 9 to 5 job, take care of Moo and yet earn some money”

“You already have your hands full, why do you want to stress yourself”

“It will break the monotony no”

“Ok, have you thought about something”

“Yeah, I say a flyer which came with the newspaper today. It said order meals via phone and it will be delivered in an hour. I could think on that lines. Cooking food and selling it. What do you think I cook the best?”






“Hot water.”

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Right here, right now

Its a beautiful evening today. Cool breeze, slight drizzle and a perfect excuse to sit in the verandah. Moo is napping and I am sitting on an easy chair, listening to songs on the laptop and writing after a long time. The days have slowed down to a considerable extent. For a workaholic me, its a completely new domain. I still miss the times when work ruled me, both at office and at home. But I am also loving the current times, where I a major part of the day comprises of feeding Moo and changing her.

My gyneac gave me a go ahead to start exercising at 6 weeks post partum, but it took 9 weeks for me to roll out the exercise mat after getting an inkling from old photos that I am gradually morphing into a baby elephant. I wore my track suit and saw how I have ballooned and pronto googled for exercise routines to burn down the flab. Of all the Pilates, yoga, aerobics and mumbo-jumbo, I have found what works practically and is do-able everyday. Without gym equipment on top of that. I figured I could replace Moo instead of the dumb bells and carry on with the sit-ups, lunges and squats. Hehe.

I read while I rock Moo to sleep. Currently reading Chanakya’s Chant. Though many points come across as being too far-fetched, the book is engaging. After that I have the Twentieth Wife waiting and a couple of light reads. Online shopping has become such a boon for me. I shop online for everything except groceries, right from my books to Moo’s clothes. And you get such good discounts that shopping the same diapers, wipes, clothes or books physically seems redundant. Infant clothes shopping is sheer fun. I think I am going to blow up my savings because of these e-commerce sites only. The mother has joined me in the online window shopping carnival going on everything. We spend hours looking at the sarees and kitchen equipments, mostly comparing the prices of the same product across the many online retailers.

And so when the WiFi router got some issues last week, I felt deprived of all the joys which the interwebz provides me. Book reading happened during nights while television watching happened during days. Oh boy what jolly and fun the daily soaps of our GECs are spewing nowadays. Well, they have been doing so for many years but every year tops the year gone by. And the funny thing is all the channels will have advertisements playing simultaneously. The only savior comes in the form of food and travel shows, they are never out of fashion and I love all of them. Vikas Khanna’s Coastal curries had a simple dessert recipe playing last night. Mix saffron in coconut cream, boil it till it starts bubbling, add cardamom and sugar. Thats it.

Since Zack is practically living as a bachelor now, he is doing some adventurous-y stuff which is making me so damn jealous. Latest is that he went from Bangalore to Chennai – on his bike – in this glorious weather – on the NH4. Hmpf. Add to that the brother, who gleefully calls me over the weekend and tells he trekked a hill on the outskirts of his city while it was raining. Which makes me feel I am stuck up at home. The post natal depression of which I had read a lot does come in sometime, but it is not severe, it is manageable. I will talk about it in detail some time later.

Also, pleased to announce that I am back to regular blogging 🙂 Now whose blog shall I stalk first :mrgreen: