Weekend morning rituals

Amongst others, a new one has joined the habits. I watch movie reviews – old and new. In many ways I find it interesting to hear others opinions on the story, acting and the filmmaking. If I haven’t seen the movie yet, it helps me decide if avoiding would be better. And if I have seen the movie, gives me a mental rewind of the same.

There was a time when I would go ahead with watching a movie even though it had the worst reviews. I would be curious to find out the reality. But not in recent times. It’s not even about the amount of hours spent in watching a bad movie which could have been put to a better use, it is about the disappearing tolerance towards badly made movies.

If watching trailers instead of movies was me as a mum of one, it’s watching reviews instead of trailers as mum of two. If at all I pick up a movie, it is finished in five or six sittings. So reviews work out better for me. I get to know the outline of the story and then watch the trailer if it interests me.

I watched reviews of the new Girl on the train movie. Oh dear I laughed so much.

In today’s happenings

One of those Saturdays when we have been out from morning till night.

Temple visit.

A birthday party in the neighbourhood.

A birthday party in previous neighbourhood.

Prep for Bulky waste collection by council.

House is a mess but a lot emptier. We put out a mattress, broken or rusted utensils, Moo’s doll house, a clothes rack, old furniture and bulky knick knacks for council cleanup which will be picked up for recycling or dumping tomorrow. As a family we have really caught up with minimalism and liking the ‘less is more’ concept. Less stuff to maintain, more time to enjoy life. We have created some empty spaces now which is making the rooms look bigger.

News these days is so depressing. The rising covid cases in India paints a scary picture. What a big loss is Actor Vivek’s passing away 😩 I have laughed out loud in so many of his comedies, such a legend 😢


What a feeling when you wake up at 6 but the clock shows 5 and there is still one full hour to sleep in now..bliss!! The only part of daylight savings when the clocks turn back sounds useful, the one where it moves forward is pure torture. I have six months to deal with it so focusing on today, we did a heads and tails with a coin to decide what to do to pass the day after lunch. We had finished cleaning before 12 so had nothing major on the agenda. Moo tossed the coin and after losing thrice in a row she tossed it away 😂.

Finally we decided to go chocolate shopping for Boo’s upcoming birthday. Moo wants to do a week long celebration it seems 🤭. Good thing I didn’t buy her any Easter eggs 😂. We went to DFO ( Direct Factory Outlet) and had a whale of time choosing the flavours of Lindt toffees. Mango and cream was the clear winner, with milk chocolate coming next. Zack and Moo popped in two chocolates before I walked five steps away from the shop. Not sure if anything will be left next week.

We did a nachos takeaway for evening snack and found a nice park with a beautiful sunset just about to happen and lots of kids playing around. Boo is very fascinated by other little babies, it’s interesting to watch her gawp 😂. And with that we bade the first long holiday good bye. We discovered some good places to hangout locally and will definitely be revisiting. Hope you all had a good long weekend, if you had the Monday off ❤️

Back to routine life tomorrow!