Play and more play

Day 1 of the four day long weekend dawned slow with a clear blue sky and a bright sunny day. We still hadn’t made any plans before sleeping in last night so were clueless till noon on what to do the whole day. I figured out if we keep asking each other the whole day will pass so I looked up some indoor family play centres which could have both the girls at the same time. Found one with ball pit and trampoline and Moo was sold. Both the girls had a good time in there. I was with Boo all the time while Zack was looking after Moo. After half an hour, I put all of them together and went around the play centre for a walk. I am not sure what to make of it but three out of four families had the parents using their phones while their kids played around. And it was not for using the phone camera. The kids weren’t too bothered either so I believe it’s mutually beneficial for everyone.

We love the steps
And the balls

The girls were high with energy and in no mood to nap or go home. So we went to an outdoor park which had activities for all age groups. I love this feature the most about Sydney suburbs, each one has at least three public parks to entertain families. We split up here as well, I took Boo to the 0-24m specific play area while Moo ran to wait for her turn at the zip line.

We liked the slide but not too much
But we loved exploring what’s on the ground

Finally both the girls got super tired of continuous play and they dozed off the minute we started the car home. But I for some reason didn’t want to go back so early. We still had about 90 minutes to sunset and wanted to make use of the evening light. Very soon we will be missing this light with cooler days coming in. A quick google search told us a small waterfall 30 minutes away from our current route. We reached the place while the girls took their power nap and did a small trip to the waterfall.

So idyllic

This place has quite a history and Zack read it all and relayed to us. It became dark very quickly so we left very soon.

Day 1 over and we have no plans for tomorrow yet 🙃

The one where I like someone else’s house

The last time we went for a vacation and stayed over at an AirBnb was for 2020 NYE. We chose a place not too far from home but was a vacation hotspot for local people. I entered my third trimester of pregnancy with a three course meal at an Indian eatery and had the leftovers for next day lunch. Sigh..what days!!

We haven’t ever stayed in a hotel after we discovered the comfort and joy of staying in an airbnb. I especially love the bathrooms, bedrooms come next. I love how they always keep it smelling fresh and fluffy towels rolled up neat and nice to use. I learn on how to beautify the rooms and fail miserably when I try to replicate it, so enjoy it all the more the next time. There are so many designs in my mind of the master bedroom from each of our stays that I can easily contribute to the planning of a construction of a two storey dwelling.

Zack takes the onus of booking the stays with beautiful views inside and out. And he does a far better job than me. I end up choosing the price filter while searching in the website while he goes for ratings and reviews 🤷‍♀️ Moo’s only condition is that the place should have a bathtub. The girl has her priorities set 😂

I read the catalogue for special buys in the local supermarket for this week. The theme is home decor. And it had me wondering when will our next AirBnb stay come up 😌

Footloose today

Early morning we got a call from Zack’s cousin. “Get ready in half an hour, we are going to Mysore”. When all of us where seated in the car an hour later, I noticed this is the second impromptu trip of the month. The niece has a severe case of motion sickness and we had forgotten to pack plastic covers. Guess what we did, at the toll gate, over the counter the billing guy was eating chocolates from a packet, we bought out the entire packet from him. In fifteen minutes flat, the niece threw up neatly into it. Moo was staring widely at her. I think she learnt something from her sister today 😆

The day involved visiting relatives, temples and general gossip sitting under a huge tree right across a coconut farm. The thing with such farm visits is you never can say no easily to the guys giving you stuff so lovingly. So after we had three to four coconuts each, we left the place to another long drive at the city outskirts.

Right now we have crashed down at a resort and tomorrow morning will see us making some more temple visits and hopefully hogging on street food. I have great recommendations of the chaat items especially.

Also, today is the last day of the blogathon and I am mildly unhappy about it. No more dedicated internet time and no more daily dose of reading material. Every night Zack would find me fiddling with the phone checking mail instead of spending the already limited time available with him. Guess he would be a happy man from tomorrow 😀