Friend gets the job of his dreams
A bear tight hug

Child wakes up having a nightmare
A reassuring hug

Mom is learning to use the internet
A proud hug

Seeing the lover after a year,
A passionate hug

There are many kinds of hugs,
Some big, some tight,
some small, some light
But every hug comes from the heart
Which holds so many emotions
Some true, some false
Some right, some wrong


Click Click Click

The last weekend we made an impromptu trip to Guruvayur, Kerala which has a very famous Krishna temple. After the morning darshan and the accompanying lunch, we decided to explore the places in and around Guruvayur-Thrissur. And we were not disappointed 🙂

There were at least a handful of must see places which included waterfalls, beaches, temples and backwaters.

Presenting some of the mesmerizing places


Loved the different colors on the boat

Loved the colours in the boat

Liked the way the reflections of the birds fell

Zack’s favourite

My favourite

Zack is insisting we make the sunset pic as the wallpaper, while I am gunning for my favourite 😛

Let me know which is better, ok? 🙂

P.S This is my first time with non-people photography(dunno if such a term exists :D). Kindly excuse if you found the shots immature 🙂