9 years

WordPress tells me it’s an anniversary today. I complete 9 years of starting this blog. I have been largely absent after starting with a flourish. Took me long to decide if I want to write or not after stalking and poring over so many blogs. At that time blogger was the preferred medium and WordPress had just started out. So many of the ‘porting-blogs-please-bear’ kind of posts famous back in the day.

I started out as a wannabe cool blogger, trying to be eager to please, never politically incorrect. Commenting on random blogs here and there just to announce myself to the blog world. Slowly I found a niche set and stuck to them, genuinely enjoying the exchange of thoughts and support. After Moo entered I became very irregular. Also many stopped blogging so I was not too inclined to come here and write because I craved an audience. I couldn’t think of putting an effort to compose a post and have two three comments and meagre page views.

A couple of years later when I moved to Sydney life became too hectic to stop and blog for fun or leisure. I also stopped checking my blog email. I used to be a silent reader of the blogathons hosted every year and felt as if on the train journey where you speed by getting glimpses of houses on your everyday route.

My posts frequency dropped to twice or thrice in a year but I am glad I remember the WordPress account details. I don’t think I posted any thing at in the past year. There was and is so many things to jot down, share, discuss, vent, ignore and ramble about but I didn’t have the slightest inclination to open the browser and start typing.

Because I never thought this blog is for me. How dumb of me! It has always been like I am writing for someone, always thinking what will they think of Visha, always thinking about my target audience when I don’t even know who my target is 🤦🏻‍♀️

End of last year when I was done with all the internet binge watching I planned to open a new private blog and write everyday. I tinkered around few sites and found too much of a hassle to maintain it. Came back here but decided I will use this as I would have used my journal. Not for anyone, but for myself. I write daily just before going to sleep and I intend to keep up this habit for as long as possible. If 2012 Visha would have known 2021 Visha will write a day without caring about page views and number of comments she would have dismissed the thought with a laugh.

If anyone has been following me from the start you would notice how the tone of the posts have changed and it is more raw and unfiltered now 😂 To all the readers here new and old, thanks for dropping by to read long form content in this age of reels and stories❤️ you people are amazing 🤩

Melodramatic May

Dear Hubby,

We completed one year in our newly built home. Can you believe there are still so many things to be done. Interior decoration will happen God-knows-when. But over the period of time, I have learnt that who ever comes to our home forgets about the comfort and gets drawn to the warmth showered and shown by the members. Did you know, the day your mother’s friends came down from Mysore, six people slept in one room. And it is amazing to see people who are used to live in spacious 3 bedroom houses sleep peacefully together – your parents act as a tight fevicol and glue set – keeping all the guests and relatives happy in whatever facilities we have. Lots to be learnt from them.

I loved this month for the sudden and unexpected showers. The night when we were coming back together and this heavy downpour made us take shelter besides a Domino’s outlet. Who thought a rain would want us to crave us for pizza too 🙂 I got completely drenched when the first of the rains caught me unawares. May and umbrellas do not go hand in hand generally, you see 😀

This month had everything good except for one thing – my office was shifted closer home. That equated to no more trips with you – to and from office, no more impromptu chaat and pani-puri sessions, no more enjoying the rains during a bike ride, no more waiting for you in the bus stand, no more exchanging what-happened-today during the traffic bottlenecks, no more finding shortcuts to home, no more long bus rides for me on days when you got stuck in work, no more reading books during the bus rides. Aah..there are so many, many things that stopped and ceased completely.

New office beckoned at the start of the next month. Along with leaving the old office, I left so many, many cherish worthy would-be could-be times with you.

Totally melodramatic for me!


Falafel February

Dear Hubby,

February did not have a fantastic start. Though it ended on a good note. I never imagined our family would one day behave like the soap opera in television. Tears, fights, accusations – the funny thing is things got back on track in less than 24 hours. Blood is thicker than water – whoever said that was absolutely true. But it broke me to see you so sad on our anniversary day because of the previous day infighting between the family members. Sometimes, even if we are a mute spectator in such times, it hurts us likewise. Thankfully, things got sorted out during the anniversary treat cum dinner to the family. Trust me, nothing makes everyone forget everything like a chicken biryani. It is to be seen to be believed. All of you merrily gorged on the delicacies while I was left re-reading the menu as to what to order for myself.

This was the month were we able to go to office and come back home together the most number of times. Your manager needs to be thanked for this. God knows what happened to him in the later months.

We did not do anything out of ordinary on Valentine’s day. Rather on that particular day you got stuck up with some issue at work and came home late.

Planning for your birthday was fun. I know you did not want anything as well as you wanted no celebrations. But I wanted to do something, since I did not do anything last year. Just married and a bit nervous in the new city you see. You might have thought I took lots of efforts since many days, but hardly so. I ordered your gift in Flipkart. Shopped for your new set of clothes on your birthday, taking some time off at work at the nearby mall and while I was on my way back home I picked your cake. See, on your birthday also you had to come late from work. Don’t know why you were so shy cutting your cake. There was no need to pull the niece besides you and hold the knife with her. Remember, even she told only birthday boy should cut his own cake 😛

February ended on a nice note. I am happy that you liked your gift and treasure it. It was amusing to see you getting hyper on misplacing it one day. Tells me you value it. But there was no need of bursting my balloon by telling that you just intended to hide it from the niece because you wanted to play with her and there was no attachment with the gift.

February is the month I started blogging after stalking other blogs for over a year. The sheer intensity and creativity of bloggers awed me. I opened WordPress one day, created a blog and published a post. When I read it again at the end of the day, it sounded downright stupid. So I promptly deleted it. But I wanted to own a blog – where I wrote of my free will. It would be a welcome break from my unending routine of work-home-work. But I could not zero in on the topic. What better than to write about us. That is how this blog was started.

I love you February, you were both – sweet as well as spicy.